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Date Night: 3 Tips on How to Plan a Night Out

Date Night: 3 Tips on How to Plan a Night Out

We all know that kids can overtake our lives. Mommies and Daddies get stuck in the house making date night a thing of the past. And sometimes the going out process becomes such an event that its not even worth doing. Take a breather people, it's worth it!

We love our little boogers. They light up our worlds and make us happy everyday. Kids are stressful, messy, and demanding. They look like at least one of us and we cannot fathom how we created something so precious from start to finish. But who cares!!! You and your significant other are allowed to go out for 4 hours ALONE! With no interruptions from a screaming child. Us couples deserve to enjoy our meals and be able to hold a conversation without hearing "mom, mom, mom, I don't know" (yeah Jayla recently did this to me). And we deserve to drink wine without the threat of it being spilled across the table.

In light of us loving our kids and wanting to capture every new moment with them, it is important for parents to go out every once in a while, alone, to re-capture and stay in love. So, I am here to help you do just that. Get away from the kiddos and enjoy time together. Here are a few date night tips to ensure you get out of the house.

1. Plan Ahead

If your kids are not old enough to watch themselves then you need to plan to have a sitter. It doesn't matter if this sitter is a family member or not. People deserve to have their time respected and planning ahead will allow everyone involved to have your date night scheduled on their calendar.

2. Little black book of sitters

Hubby and I keep a lot of sitters in rotation. I learned this tip from one of my Mocha Moms. In case one gets busy, you have a lot of others you can contact. This also helps if you have to split kids up because ain't nobody tryna babysit all five of Bebe's kids at once. (If you haven't seen this movie, don't try to understand the reference)

3. Save

I don't know about you, but Hubby and I are parents on a budget. If we want to have date night we save for the activity. Unexpected things always have their way of coming up, so putting a little away here and there helps ensure our activity together will happen. Groupon is another great way to go out on a budget. Use them to find something new to do and save while doing it.

These easy peasy tips will ensure that you get out of the house together for a little alone time. Planning ahead, having a list of sitters, and saving will help you explore new things as just a couple instead of as always parents. So, what are you waiting for? Get to planning that long over due date night and have some fun!

What is your favorite date night activity? Let us know in the comments below

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