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My Third Trimester

My Third Trimester

With two weeks until my due date, I'm reaching the tail end of my third trimester and this pregnancy thing.  My pregnancy remains a better experience than many but my third trimester decided to be an annoyance.

Let's recap first, shall we?

My first trimester was a bit of a mental struggle.  I didn't suffer from actual morning sickness but I was forced to sit in the dark or stare at a wall far too many times.  It was an isolating time.

My second trimester, easier than the first, gave me a few memorable moments.  We found out we're having a girl, I felt her kick for the first time and my belly started to show.  I was also taken off of all good foods and I admittingly took it hard.

And the third trimester?  The third trimester has been uber annoying.  My pregnancy is still going better than most and I'm still blessed, but I guess I had to get some weird happenings to make it fair.

As I crossed the mid point, I started to get acne on my back.  I've been combatting acne on my face since I no longer got help from my birth control pills but I got hit with a curve ball.  It developed slowly across my back and to my shoulders.   By the time I noticed, I already had dark acne scars and it was only getting worse.  I tried to use my face wash and exfoliate on my back but the effort didn't last long.  I just let it go and will figure out something when scrubbing my back doesn't make me tired.

I got heartburn next.  I first felt it while at my moms doing baby shower invites.  It felt like an air pocket stuck in my throat.  I tried to burp it out, thinking that would help, but nothing.  The next day, that air pocket feeling turned hot and I didn't know what to do to make it go away.  It was really uncomfortable.  I googled the syptoms and diagnosed myself with heartburn.  Bought some tums that did absolutely nothing so I googled what caused the fiery chest and what could fix it.  I found out that things I needed to eat/take (iron supplements, oranges and tomatoes) were causes of my discomfort.  It then became a battle of keeping the heartburn/reflux/indigestion as mild as possible.  My consistent solution became mints, winter fresh gum and cold apples.  It makes little sense, but they work.

On top of that, I was fortunate to get my first adult ear infection.  Yes, self diagnosed and I'm still dealing with it because I keep forgetting to tell my doctor while in our appointments.  It's an annoyance throughout the day.

Beyond that, gravity just sucks.  My stomach is clearly bigger which means more weight to carry.  More weight positioned in just the front of my body with no extra support beyond my belly support contraption. With my "bones softening" and preparing to push a baby out, my pelvic area has been through some severe off and on pain.  Just about every time I stand up, I have to walk through the pain to get back to normal.  The weight of my stomach is even worse while I sleep.  Every time I roll over it hurts. My nighttime movement is limited.

[growing an alien quote]

These joys aside, i have been enjoying watching my stomach move.  Well watching her move my stomach.  I call her an alien.  Besides her just taking over the normalcy of my body, it's just weird to see her push and misshape my stomach.  It's like I'm growing an alien.  The stomach maneuver creeped Love out when I sent him a video of it.

As the due date approaches, I'm constantly asked if I'm ready and my answer is no, no I'm not.  I find myself looking at kids now just wondering if this was the right decision?  Like should we have waited?  Can we handle this?  Will I be patient enough?  Will this child be alright?

I mean, are you ever really ready? When your kid is 5, are you ready? 10? 18? 25? It's a forever learning experience so I am no where near ready.  Our lives are about to change for forever.  There's no going back.

Am I being dramatic though?  I know I am, you don't need to answer that.  All jokes aside though, when you had your first, did you feel ready?

My pregnancy story doesn't stop there.

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