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6 Things I Never Thought I'd Do Until I Became a Mom

6 Things I Never Thought I'd Do Until I Became a Mom

Growing up I was the typical girl that hated bugs and didn't like to get dirty. I don't take out the trash and I close my eyes when gross things pop up on TV. There are just some things in life I would just say "No!" to. That was until I became a parent. See, "No!" flies out the window the day that baby pops out (unless you're using it for discipline purposes). I'm talking about all that squeamish crap you never thought in life you'd do or even the things you said you wouldn't do as a parent before you actually became a parent. Ha get real! You get these little people in your house with ailments they can't solve on their own, a will power stronger than a lion about to pounce on its prey, and meltdowns because you said "No!" to something they think is going to end their lives if they don't have it...SIGH...deep breathe in....ok. I just want to let you parents know, you are not alone! Here are 6 things I would not do until I became a mom.

1. Pick boogers from someone else's nose with my fingers

In the beginning I used a Q-Tip to get boogers out of Jayla's nose. I was pretty amazed at the size of them suckers. As time went on, I decided "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!" With the size of those bats, you just can't help but yank them whenever you see them. Especially if they are hanging out or causing her to not breathe easily.

2. Help ease out poo from a bum

Definitely a strong contender for things I would not do, but this one I surprisingly went in like a superhero. My poor Mini had issues with constipation early on. One poo in particular caused her a lot of pain whenever she tried to push it out. So Mama swept in and while she pushed I tried to pull. Oh yea! And with no gloves mind you (baby wipe though). Of course my squeamish self would have never thought I'd be trying to help ease out someone else's poo but there I was, doing just that. Side note: an easier fix is to add a little prune juice in their drinks to help soften their stool. Her doctor didn't recommend the corn syrup idea I saw trolling the internet.

3. Clean vomit with my bare hands

Yea, definitely not talking about baby spit up. That's a given and that ship has sailed a long time ago. No, I'm talking about full fledge smells like, looks like, is very much like adult vomit. YUP! Happened on a car ride home. Hubby and I had to pull the car over and naked a baby in a gas station parking lot and SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB. Good thing my diaper bag packing is on point! Since this day, I've decided to keep extra emergency supplies in the trunk.

4. Negotiate with a mini version of myself...A LOT

I've heard of trade-offs with your spouse, but I never thought I'd have to negotiate with a miniature me. My culture tends to reign in this behavior early. I decided early on to give Jayla between the ages of 2-3 to fully understand that what Mommy says goes or their will be consequences. However, they truly don't know any better. And when a miniature you is about to pull a nutty because you're actually trying to save their negotiate to take the easy way out.  Things I would not do quickly become things that need to be done to keep everyone's sanity.

5. Schedule alone time

I knew that hubby and I would have to schedule babysitters in order to go out and be alone. However, this alone time I'm talking about now, is with myself. With a child that can now walk and run, even bathroom usage is no longer private. Do whatever you have to stay sane people. SCHEDULE IT! I try to grab a drink with some friends often just to vent and blow off some steam. Other times I just want to take a long hot shower. Whatever it is, schedule it and do it. Alone time for yourself is much needed. I never really thought I would have to schedule it, but eh. There are worse things in life.

6. Have a deteriorating memory

Even though this doesn't technically fall into things I would not do, I just never thought I'd have to deal with. Before I got pregnant I had the absolute best memory. That ish has just not popped back properly. I'm not going to say its terrible, but it ain't what it use to be. I don't know if it's Mini running around plus all of the other stuff I have going on, but it is definitely something I never thought I'd have to deal with.

I've realized it's easy to say what you wouldn't do but the things I would not do have quickly become the things that I am doing now that I'm a mom.  I'm sure as Jayla gets older their will be more. Becoming a parent brings about a lot of change in your life. I have a friend on baby #2 and has recently said "I think I have decided to stop consuming calories from food and just drink." LOL.  Another friend, also on baby #2, has said "I've been thinking about getting a hotel room away from my husband & the kids and just sleep and maybe watch Gilmore Girls." I think they both may be on to something...

We can't prepare for everything.  What are some things you never thought you'd do until you became a parent?  Let us know in the comments below.

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