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Motherly Love: 6 Things I Admire About My Mother

Motherly Love: 6 Things I Admire About My Mother

With Mother's Day this weekend and myself becoming one very soon, I can't help but think of the type of mother I'll be.  I have an idea of how I want to be, but things could completely change once the kid arrives.  As my due date gets closer, I am paying a bit more attention to the mothers in my circle and how they handle different situations.  I've also been thinking about my mother and all that she's taught me.  My dad passed before I was born and my mom is the only parent I've had so that gives her presence a lot of impact on my values and how I carry myself.  Now being grown, I do wish some things in my childhood could have been different but it doesn't change how I see my mom and everything that I admire about her.  And once again, because of the Mother's Day spirit, I've decided to list a few qualities I admire about my mom.

1. Her Selflessness. 

My mom will give you her last and not think twice about it.  She will give up her time to help you out in a pinch.  If she is capable of doing your request (and even if she isn't sure she is) she will happily oblige and help you out.

2. Her Nurturing.  

Not only does she love the feeling of helping someone out, she loves to take care of people.  Period.  Even now, she wants to (and does) make me lunches of my favorite foods for work.  A better example is when I was growing up, we had a few elderly neighbors in our complex building.  By the time I came around (or gained a conscious memory) they were pretty much family but she always cared for them when they needed help or were ill.  Never did she want or expect anything in return.

3. Her Playfullness.

Through much of my life, my mom's job has always been taking care of kids.  Either at her home daycare or at YMCA/YWCA facilities, she's always taken care of kids.  With this type of profession, you have to be able to engage kids and keep their attention for long periods of times, which can be difficult.  My mother has no qualms with singing a made-up-on-the-spot tune and dancing to it off beat.  She will get down and dirty with some lego's and loved playing kick ball with the bigger kids.  I'm sure she wishes she could sip from the fountain of youth to keep it all going.

4. Her Disciplinary Patience. 

 It takes a strong person to hold in their instinctual reaction when disciplining a kid, especially when you're angry.  Sometimes your motions just react before your brain fully processes any better options available.  Now I've seen a few times where my mom has looked at a child and wanted to throw him/her against a wall.  Though her anger might have been justified, the action wouldn't have been.  Instead of moving from instinct, my mom can calm herself enough to walk away and come back to the situation with a clear head.  This is something that I know I need to quickly develop so my child can have a chance and not hate me at a young age.

5. Her Multitasking.  

Growing up, I used to hate trying to tell my mom something and she would start talking to someone else.  Not only was that rude, but she couldn't possibly hear what I was saying while having a full conversation with someone else.  Despite the logic behind that statement, she was always able to reply as if she never took her eyes off me.  Being responsible for a bunch of kids at one time, you have to learn how to multitask and divide yourself up into the unimaginable and my mom did that.

6. Her Magic.  

Speaking of unimaginable, have you ever had a jar of peanut butter, mayo or ketchup and you were down to the last drop but you needed more?  You squeezed and scraped but in your mind the container was done?  Yea, not in my house.  A container wasn't done until my mom declared it was done.  I don't know how but it always seems like my mom made a lot of "something" out of absolutely "nothing."  She would scrape enough peanut butter out that scarce looking jar to have enough for two more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and you would just have to wonder how she did it.

My mom has gone through quite a bit within these past ten years but I'm glad that she's here and able to be apart of my pregnancy and I know she is too.  I just hope that my mothering does her mothering a fraction of justice.

What is it that you admire about your mother?  take the time and really think about it and let her know this Mother's Day and the days that come after.  We aren't promised tomorrow so live for today.

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