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Stop Tracking My Uterus

Stop Tracking My Uterus

I've had a glass of wine (or several) and started thinking about how many people track my uterus. I mean, the minute I share a photo of me holding a new baby, BAM, there goes someone trying to tell me to have another one! I feel like not a day goes by that I don't get asked about, or told (smh) to have another baby.

The first question I was asked when I got married was "so when are you going to have a baby?"

Who, huh, what?! Fool, I just locked down a man. What the hell makes you think I want to add an additional person to an already interesting and new dynamic? Hell, once a stranger asked me if I had any kids and when I said "no, but I'm engaged" she told me I was way too young to get married. WTF!!!

Now every birthday Jayla has (and she's only had one real one...I'll wait) I get asked about having more kids. Whenever she smiles, does something cute, speaks, or breathes, I get asked when is the next one coming. I get told that she's ready for a sibling, that Jayla is getting too big and don't wait too long. That making her an only child will somehow do something to her. SMH...Let me tell all of you little nosey, annoying, uterus tracking people something...

BACK. THE. F*CK. OFF! ("Knocked Up" reference) I know that's some harsh language, and maybe a tough pill to swallow. You probably think you are being sweet and ask these dumb ass questions with good intentions.

However, I speak for all women who are pressured to have babies...STOP TRACKING MY UTERUS!

Look, pregnancy was not fun for me. Ugh, I was so uncomfortable with how low Jayla sat. My pillows just got bigger and bigger as my back ached more and more. My boobs ached and for some reason I had monster size boogies. Of course there were good parts, like Jayla kicking...but I'm in no hurry to go down that road again.

Until you sign a contract saying you will pay for all diapers as long as the new child wears them, sign another contract agreeing to pay for all formula (if breastfeeding goes as the first time), and that you are going to get up in the middle of the night with me, only then can you have a say-so. I don't want to hear your opinion. I don't want to hear your sappy "all a child needs is love" bullshit. Yes it's BS because I can't go to Target, pick out diapers, go to checkout and say "I'm paying in love today". Nah idiot, they want money. Let's put it this way, I do not want to enter you into a very important life decision when you're not even going to be one of the parents.

So I say it again, stop tracking my uterus.

Because the next time someone tells me to get pregnant they will definitely be told to sign a few contracts and once they don't agree (because no one will) they will politely be told to shut the hell up and to not worry what I'm doing over here with my family. You people want a baby so bad, have one. Adopt one. Foster one. I don't give a shit, just leave me alone.

Do people track your uterus? Lets talk about it in the comments below.

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