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How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

How to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

There are record setting heat waves going on here in Los Angeles and it is getting a little hard to stay cool. I don't know about you, but high heat temperatures make me feel sluggish, give me headaches, and drains all of my energy. Ugh it's the worse and makes me wonder why I live in LA at all. With all of that said, we do not have to suffer in misery. I've put together a few ideas to help you and your family stay cool in the summer heat.

1. Crank up the AC and have some indoor play

Today. for example, record heat hit 116 degrees. YIKES! Jayla and I stayed cool under the AC and fan (double whammy) and played inside.

2. Hit a waterpark or beach with the family

It can be as big as Raging Waters or as small as a public park that has a water area just like the one at Chatsworth Park. There are also multiple beaches in Los Angeles that offer great fun for the family. In fact, this is one of our bucket list activities this summer! Whichever outdoor adventure you choose, make sure the outdoor play involves water fun!

3. Go to an indoor play area.

Jayla enjoys Giggle N' Hugs in the Topanga Mall and Playhouse Adventure in San Fernando. Both cost a small admission for your kids to play, but provides kids with hours of fun heatless play. They even serve delicious food. So make a day of it, invite some friends, and have a playdate!

4. Eat and drink things that are cold! 

Make tasty popsicles with your kids out of juice or yogurt and fruit. Enjoy a homemade slushy or some tasty ice cream. Be sure to drink ice cold beverages and water. Putting cold things into your body is sure to cool your body down.

Just because it is super hot outside, doesn't mean we can't have fun. Make an enjoyable day at home or get out and have some outdoor play. Remember to stay responsible! Keep yourself and kids hydrated with water, cover that skin with sunscreen and hats, and DO NOT leave your kids or animals alone in the car. Having fun during the summer is what it's all about.

What are some of your favorite ways to stay cool and have fun in the summer? Please share with us in the comments below.

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