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Pregnancy Style: The 5 Necessities

Pregnancy Style: The 5 Necessities

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was very reluctant to purchase any new clothes or try to develop a pregnancy style. I didn't feel it was necessary to buy new clothes that would be temporary and donated within less than a year.

I ended up squeezing into my regular sized tees and jeans but I eventually had to bite the bullet. My tees became crop tops that tried to hold onto my belly and my jeans sagged as they rested underneath the bump.

At 6 months, it was time for me to get some basic pieces for my pregnancy style and purchase what I absolutely needed to, to get through the last few months. 

After the slight adjustment to my pregnancy style, I can tell you that not all things are created equal.  So to save you the time and effort, I've got a few suggestions for your pregnancy style.

5 Basic Necessities of Pregnancy Style

1. Hygiene Products.  

Being clean is always in style.  

But really, your body will be changing in ways that you may not understand. Unpredictable leaks and new body scents may be in your future so you better get/be/stay ready.  My razor and vaseline have had active rolls in my pregnancy.  My hair has grown exponentially and vaseline massaged onto my swelling feet is a great relief.  Once you realize what your body is doing and what it needs, you need to keep any problem solving items on hand because who really wants to get up in the middle of the night for some cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks.

Once you realize what your body is doing and what it needs, you need to keep any problem solving items on hand.
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2. Long Tee's and Tanks. 

 I'm a layering type person so I love tanks but as my stomach grew, my tanks and tees didn't.  When I decided that I couldn't fight it any longer, Old Navy decided to have their beginning of Spring sale.  I bought a few tunic length tanks and a few oversized tees to get me through the week.  

Tip: When purchasing pregnancy clothes in the middle of your pregnancy, keep your last few months in mind.  Try to envision how much your stomach will grow by the 9th month and buy a size that will work for you then.
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Tee: Old Navy Similar here and Similar here | Leggings: David Lerner NY | Booties: Wet Seal Similar here

3.  Non-restrictive Bottoms.  

Whether it be joggers, leggings, yoga pants or a flared skirt...  For me, this was the hardest but easiest transition to make.  I never got into wearing-legging-as-pants lifestyle and the joggers slightly annoyed me.

Let me tell you that all of those feels went out the window when I needed to be comfortable.  I pulled out the leggings that I did have and wore the joggers to work.  Often.  I styled them up a little bit, but they were a crucial part in my pregnancy style.


Button Up: Old | Tank: Old Navy | Leggings: David Lerner NY | Shoes: Nike Air Max Tavas | Earrings: Forever 21

4.  Shoes.

When I got pregnant, I already knew I would have to buy some shoes with support but I put it off for as long as I could.  Not the best of ideas.  

My feet grew wider so a lot of the sneakers I had, stopped being comfortable.  I was left with a pair of sandals and chucks because the shoes could accommodate to my mutating feet.  Unfortunately, neither of them offered any really support and cushion so I was never comfortable wearing them.

I took the plunge and ordered a pair of shoes online but when they arrived, they didn't fit.  Word of advice, don't purchase shoes online while pregnant; go to the store and try them on.
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When I returned the shoes, I actually tried on a few pairs to see what would work best for my pregnancy style.  I ended up purchasing a pair of Nike Air Max Tavas and I am so glad that I did!  I wear them to work, when I do my daily walk and when I wash dishes.  The support is great and what I really needed.  I want to purchase more for vanities sake.  They are the best purchase I've made during this pregnancy, by far.

5.  Jewelry and accessories.  

Adding these to your pregnancy style won't enhance your comfort but they may just add a little spark to that day you woke up not giving any F's about.  I at least tried to wear a pair of my large hoop earrings to show a little a effort or a bit of a lip color, but don't expect much of anything beyond that.

Now that I've gone through my list, what were some of your basic necessities of pregnancy style?  Was there any item that revolutionized your pregnancy like my shoes did for me?  Let us know in the comments below.

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