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My Second Trimester

My Second Trimester

If you’re just now joining us, I’ve decided to record the happenings of my pregnancy through trimesters. I think women normally do it monthly or weekly but I don’t have the time or the focus for that, so trimesters it is! You can read the saga (not really) of my first trimester here. And now, I will share my second trimester.

*If you just want the cute part, I suggest you scroll down to the paragraph towards the end with the asterisk. Otherwise, continue reading.

I still acknowledge how blessed I am that my pregnancy remains on the easier side of the things. I still don’t have extensive morning sickness; just the occasional nauseous feelings when I’m taking too long to eat breakfast…or burning a flour tortilla. The biggest issue has been my weight though.

For the first couple of months, I wasn’t showing at all. My oversized shirts helped a bit with that. One day, in my fourth month, it seemed like my stomach decided to pop out and it was a quick weight gain ever since. Now it was nothing on the Kim K pregnant with North scale, but it did happen super quick. To add to that, my feet and hands were swollen for two days straight; swollen and slightly tender. Fun. All those that were pregnant before me were concerned because it was too early in my pregnancy for me to be swelling.

My doctor wasn’t too concerned about it though. Concerned about the swelling that is. She suspected I was holding water because of my sodium intake. Now I didn’t have any cravings but I was eating turkey sandwiches (Lettuce, tomato, sliced cheese, sliced pickles and sliced turkey meat with white bread) a lot. I was eating them about 4 times a week, at least. It was just really easy to make and a good way to get a lot of the food groups in one meal. Here I thought I was doing well but I wasn’t. My doctor sent me on my way to decrease the amount of sodium I was eating and to exercise more because I gained twice as much weight than I was supposed to.

Again, I didn’t have any cravings but you don’t really know how much you eat of one thing or how much you really want it until you’re told you can’t have it. I felt like I went through slight withdrawals over it. Not to mention that my grocery shopping time doubled because I was actually reading the labels for the amount of sodium they carried per serving. I was a lot of confused but my diabetic friend from work coached me a little bit.

For the next four weeks, I ate less sodium, drank my 8-10 cups of water, aka punishment, and semi-regularly walked on my lunch breaks. The constant walking made my body ache and feel stiff so in the morning I started to do ten minute prenatal yoga on Youtube to stretch and relax my body for the day. It really helped.

Despite changing up my entire life (essentially) I had a strong feeling that I gained more weight than I was supposed to again. I was a little nervous and didn’t want my doctor to be disappointed in me. That’s the kind of OB-GYN I have; the kind that feels like your auntie or something and I love it. Anyways, my six month appointment rolls around and I gained twice as much weight than I should have again and felt I let my doctor down. I pleaded my case and told her that I was trying.

She asked me what I was eating and when I got to toast, bagels and cereals she cut me off. Literally. I was eating too many carbohydrates and too much sugar. So not only could I not have sodium but I also couldn’t have sugar, therefore leaving me with no flavor. It was a very sad day for my sweet tooth and me. I was instructed to fix my diet and add half an hour more of pregnancy tolerant cardio-like exercises.

In my adult life, I’ve never been so sad at a grocery store. I passed all of my fruity, cinnamon-y, chocolaty cereals looking for ones that were more of the whole grain variety. I increased veggies and fruits that would accompany my now sugarless oatmeal mornings. I’m still clearly bitter about all of this.

My eating got better and my exercise got better. I didn’t add on the extra half hour of working out but I did increase the intensity of my lunch walk. I finally made the plunge and bought a good pair of comfortable shoes. They’re black and white Nike Airmax Tavas and they have completely changed the game of this pregnancy. I put them on and I felt like I could start jogging while on my walks. I even tried it but then the developing shin splints quickly determined that that was a lie.

Now at six months, with my heavenly shoes, intense walks and healthier tasteless diet, I felt a lot more confident going into my appointment than I did the last time. I felt airy and energized and like I had to have made some kind of progress. I mean, I even skipped to the bathroom for my potty test. (Yes, I said potty test.) The results were in, and when my doctor told me I had my weight under control, I clapped. Legit. I clapped for myself as she called me the poster child.   And we even high fived. …See, like an auntie.

Since I have a better understanding of what “healthy” is, and that it is achievable, I do want to keep this going after I give birth. I do miss my fruity pebbles but feeling more energized is better. Plus, I found agave nectar and it makes this diet a lot more tolerable. Love has even joined me on this journey. I fed him turkey burgers on a whole-wheat multi-grain bun and he finished it. That’s saying a lot people.

She’s already making our lives a little better and she isn’t even here yet. Corny much, Delaya?

*She moves a lot more now. I can see her shift and move my belly. It makes it seem like I’m growing an alien even more. For the most part, I like it when she moves. Clearly because it means she’s okay but it kind of puts me at peace. She moves and I try to catch her next one as I cradle my stomach.

Now she’s responding with the outside world a bit more. I assume. I think that she might already have some connection with her daddy though. This past month, he lost someone from his family that he was very close to. The day it happened, he was understandably distraught and sad. For that entire day, she moved. Normally her movements come every four or so hours but that day she didn’t really stop.

A lighter moment was when Love and I were laying bed getting ready to go to sleep but listening to music. We were both singing, but Love was singer louder than I. I promise you, she was having a party-for-one in my stomach. I ended up falling asleep on the both of them.

Now I could just be imagining this because I want them to be close but I really do think it’s real. Guess we’ll see how the rest of this plays out.

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