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My First Trimester

My First Trimester

I have survived the first trimester!

Now, I’ll start by saying that I was truly and utterly blessed. I’ve heard stories that have made me cringe and I thank God that he saw fit to not put me through all of that. …well at least for now…

My first three months consisted of feeling nauseous but I never did the actual deed of throwing up.  Feeling like I had to throughout the day wasn't enjoyable though.  My nausea wasn’t triggered by smells, unfortunately. I think I could have handled that. I would just breathe through my mouth when a scent was too much, right? My nausea, and utter discomfort, had to be brought on by motion. Weird right? But yes, by motion. Anything that I saw move or even if I moved too fast, my nauseous-like feeling was triggered. Driving anywhere was a pain. Even trying to work was dreadful. I couldn't follow the mouse arrow on the computer screen or scroll on my cell phone.  I couldn't even tolerate looking at a TV screen. In a very depressed/pressing manner, I either sat with my back to the TV so I could at least listen to what was happening or I just sat in complete darkness wrapped in my unhappy and lonely feelings. It wasn't fun time for me.

To make matters a bit less enjoyable, I started getting headaches at the tail end of my first trimester. They weren’t on a migraine level, luckily, but they did their damage. The degree of pain fluctuated day-to-day but there was always a little one that remained on the left side of my head. I did take pain pills a handful of times but stopped because I felt I was taking too many while pregnant. I was afraid the baby would come out a pill head.

At our next monthly appointment, my doctor instructed me to drink more water and take iron pills and this would combat the headaches. I trusted her and the headaches eventually subsided.  Thank God.  I the nausea-like feelings also subsided and sometimes I feel like my old, un-pregnant self.  And then I start to get winded if I laugh too much and am reminded about the child within.

As I go onto the next phase, The Second Trimester, dun-dun-dun, I don't know what to expect but I think I'm ready.  Ready as long as this easy pregnancy blessing continues.

My pregnancy story doesn't stop there.

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