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Jayla's New Antics

Jayla's New Antics

Jayla has been up to so much lately and half the time I feel like she is trying to drive me insane on purpose! Fellow toddler moms can feel me on this one for sure! Jayla is two years old going on fifteen and some of the new antics she does, out of the blue, make me feel all kinds of emotions. 

Sometimes her behavior is embarrassing and not like I'm ashamed, but the kind of embarrassment that says "Man you are not teaching this kid right". Swear to you I don't even think she understands English though she speaks it very well. Sometimes her new antics brings me happiness because I can just laugh and laugh at her silliness. Other times it brings me stress because I feel like she's going to break a bone. Other times it may be anger or impatience. I mean the emotional roller coaster a toddler puts you on is insane! I WANT OFF AND FAST! LOL


But you know what I found out? Her crazy, silly, down right gross toddler behavior is absolutely normal! That's right, NORMAL. I came across "The Crazy Things That Toddlers Do", an article on toddler behavior, which helped me understand a little bit more about Jayla's new antics and it may help you too. And if you're dealing with new toddler antics like I am, you can rest and be assured that I understand you and that even your child, is normal.

Just so that you don't feel alone, I present to you, Jayla's new antics that are completely normal yet completely disturbing. Enjoy!


1. She licks the family

I just decided to start with a bang on this one. For some reason she thinks licking us is hilarious. It could be because she gets a reaction from us EVERY TIME! I will say when my husband sent me an 8 second video where he is trying to tell me she licked him and then she does it again while he's talking...nothing short of hilarious! I spread that around fast haha and I'm giggling just thinking about it. She use to only do it to me, but now she has decided to venture out to other members of the household. Is it bad that I'm happy she's spreading the love even though I hate that she does this?

2. She jumps off of everything

Jayla loves to jump! She started jumping way before most kids are supposed to and was getting off the ground. Now, she likes to continuously jump off of EVERYTHING! Toy boxes, couches, chairs...if she can climb up on it, she thinks she should jump off of it. Her newest antic is jumping off of the second step of any set she sees. I cringe most times, but I think she has a future in gymnastics.


3. She eats paper

This one I think is the most annoying. I don't know why she likes to stick napkins, paper, and books in her mouth, but she does. Just recently she bit a big chunk out of one of those thicker paged books for kids. My grandma was freaking out like "Where are the pieces?!" I just kept responding "She ate them grandma. They are digesting in her belly". LOL she couldn't believe it which kept me from going over board. IDK. Maybe there's fiber??!!

4. Disciplines herself 

This one sounds all nice, but it ain't. Here she is mocking me and is trying to make a deserved punishment into a funny thing. Drives me bananas, but then sometimes I have to hide my face to laugh. If she's whining/crying a lot with no real reason, or if shes throwing things, or if she's blatantly not listening to my instructions and knows she is supposed to get in trouble she will start saying the disciplining words before I get a chance. "You better stop" "You're going to get a time-out" "Stop all that crying" "You want a whooping". Of course she has to put extras on it. She'll wag her finger and put on her infamous serious face. Sometimes she'll put herself on time-out. IDK what to make of this.

5. Running around naked

Jayla is truly a nudest. She has no shame no matter who is looking. This may be all kids to a certain extent, but Jayla takes it to another level. She lifts her clothes up because she prefers not to have them on, she will "accidentally" drop her towel when she gets out of the bath (I know this is purposely because she takes off running and laughing), and sits on the couch and in people's lap with her bare butt all the way out. Her favorite is to do downward facing dog when she is completely that's disturbing!! Her nakedness doesn't bother me in anyway, but when she wants to put on a show for strangers the line is drawn. I want her to grow up comfortable with her body so I just let her be.

See! Toddlers are strange, fun, button pressing characters. I hope Jayla's new antics have put the way you feel about your child's wild behavior at ease. Trust me there are plenty more wild and crazy things, but who has that kind of time?! Remember, this too shall pass. Leave your child's new antics in the comments below. I'm sure my toddler is doing the same!

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