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The Girls Behind the Blog

The Girls Behind the Blog

Hey guys!!

Delaya here.  We've been doing this blog thing for about 5 months now.  I like to think we've been going strong and offering you some insight into some of our parenting views and tactics.  I mean, we've even gotten a bit personal with the mommy diaries.  But as we evaluate how to make this site better for you, we realized that we are missing one very key element and that's the "besties" part.  Being moms, we have been focusing a lot on the "Babies."

Julia here. Since we have a blog called Besties and Babies, you would think we would have caught on by now to angle our friendship a little more (LOL Duh!) We plan to bring in that "Besties" spirit by spending more time together. When Jayla and I go to events I will make more of an effort to invite Delaya and Ava along, and vice versa. For our monthly meetings, we will be checking out new spots to eat. And who knows, you may see a post or two on some of our favorite places.


Beyond making more time for each other, we're going to try something new.  We're going to add in joint posts where you get both of our opinions at the same time!  Topics may be controversial or they might not be; we might agree or we might not.  Who knows?

Before we start our new series of posting together, we think you should get to know the girls behind the blog a little bit better. So let's begin with a few interesting facts about two bestest friends.

20 Facts About the Besties Behind the Blog

1. I love chocolate.  Chocolate candy, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate muffins...chocolate chocolate chip muffins to be exact.  If it's chocolate, I'm more than likely eating it.  ...unless it's a chocolate covered vegetable...that's just a horrible idea.

2. I am a trained Pastry Chef with a strong sweet tooth.

3. I like to travel to different places but not the actual transportation part.  I'm afraid of flying and large bodies of water and hate staying in cars and trains for long periods of time.  I prefer reaching the destinations and then taking in the experience.

4. I am trying to eat healthy, but I love a fatty, greased up meal. Mac n Cheese and hot wings are my favorite! But don't get me wrong, I do not shy away from juicy cheeseburgers, cheesy pizza, and a huge burrito.

5. I will own 2 clothing lines, 1 non-profit for kids, and 1 boutique and help start a sneaker store with Love.

6. I love hand bags! I always say I would not spend a ton of money on shoes because they walk on the ground, but I'd spend a pretty penny on a good bag if I could.

7. My name is said incorrectly about 98% of the time during first encounters. That's an arbitrary percentage but my name is pronounced duh-LAY-uh but it is often read as Delilah or Delayla.


8. I absolutely hate being called Julie.

9. I love a good burger.

10. People think I am a really serious person, but my family and close friends will tell you I'm super goofy with an awesome sense of humor.

11. I am the youngest of a total of 5, but kind of felt like an only child because the closest aged sibling is a decade older.

12. When I graduate, I will establish an elderly service business.

13. I have accidentally set fires in a library and my apartment.  No one or thing was damaged...accept for the counter tops in the apartment...

14. I love my natural hair.

15. I like to read but I haven't read a book from cover to cover since high school.  Yea, I know it's a shame.

16. I prefer to wear my glasses.

17. Love and I were next door neighbors for my entire life, but didn't become friends until 2008.  Then didn't start dating until September 2009.

18. I did not like Hubby when we met. He wore shirts that were too big for him and they made his head look really small.

19. I don't like to be domestic but I do it anyway.

20. I strive to be Super Suzy Homemaker.


So there you have it.  A few things about Julia and I that you didn't know before.

It's always good to know the people behind the magic. We hope that our collaborative posts bring new flavor, spice, and fun to the blog. Stick around for our joint posts and thoughts.

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