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How to Get Things Done as a Mompreneur

How to Get Things Done as a Mompreneur

Not so long ago, there was a time I could devote all my free time to working towards being a fashion designer and any other side hustle I had in mind.  I'd stay up burning the midnight oil and sleep in when I could or carry out the day with minimal sleep.  Now with a kid, that life as I knew it, is over.

As soon as I got back from the hospital, I had no motivation to work.  I felt tired and exhausted, which was understandable.  I mean, I had just gone through a lot with giving birth.  Working on being a designer and on my blogs just didn't seem appealing.

Fast forward 3 weeks and I knew I had to stop playing around.  I slowly got into the roll of getting things done as a Mompreneur but it was definitely something I had to learn to navigate.

Having a kid, you're no longer on your own time.  They dictate what's what.  I'd find myself in a working groove but it didn't matter once Ava woke up from her nap...every two hours.  It now felt like there weren't enough hours in the day for me to finish anything.  Then I realized, I was doing it wrong.  I needed to be more strategic if I was going to be getting things done as a Mompreneur.

I started working smarter.  While a super productive work situation is a ways away, I've got some tips on how to handle mom hood and the business life.

1. Make a To Do List

I'm talking about actually listing everything out that needs to be done, business wise and your domestic responsibilities.  Get it all out on paper or in a app.  Just make sure it's not spinning around in your head and making you stress out.  We don't need a stressed mom.

2. Prioritize Your To Do List

In the morning, review your list.  Put it in order based on what absolutely has to get done today down to the little timeless tasks.  Work your way down your prioritized list, completing the necessary items first before starting anything else.  If your priorities are done then you have less to be concerned about.`

With my three hats, I prioritize each list separately.  Based on the outcome, I try and take the most important item from each list, making my top 3 priorities.  Taking at least 1 item from each list ensures that nothing gets neglected.

3. Create Time Efficient Systems

This guy is still something I'm working on but it is definitely a must do.  In business there's a few tasks that can be "batched" in order to use your time efficiently.  Batching is when you have the same task to do multiple times but you get it done during one sit in.

For example, I write one post a week for this blog (Julia writes the other).  If I were to batch writing these posts, I would buckle down and write out my posts for the entire month.  Once my posts are written ahead of time, I can focus on doing something else.

4. Ask for Help

I struggle with this one also, but only because I'm naturally independent.  A baby, house, job and side hustle require a lot of work and attention.  No matter how super-mom we want to be, we're only human.  Asking a friend or family member for help isn't weakness, it's smart.  Have grandma watch the kid while you work on finishing something...anything.

5.  Get Rid of Perfection

Again, we are only human and have 24 hours in a day.  While Beyonce is a constant reminder that a lot can get done in that time, sometimes it won't.  Once you realize doing the best you can is all you need to do, then it gets a bit easier.

Being young, I'm still focused on achieving my goals and starting all of the businesses I want; I know Julia is too.  We're young and a bit ambitious.  That's why we're friends!!  Having our daughters only pushes us more.  We want them to learn to push for their dreams no matter how long it takes.  As much as I love what I do, getting things done as a Mompreneur is no joke and it takes a special one!  Hopefully, with these tips, you can be that special one too!

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