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Finding Out the Gender of Our Baby

Finding Out the Gender of Our Baby

As I was sitting on the couch watching TV with your daddy’s head resting on my thigh, you kicked for the first time. It was Valentine's Day.  At first, I wasn’t too sure because I hadn’t felt you move yet. My doctor told me that it would feel like I had butterflies in my stomach, so that’s what I waited for. I still haven't felt that feeling yet. Well how I know butterflies to feel in my stomach, I haven't felt yet.  I could just be missing something. So through my confusion, what I thought might have been your first kick could have just been gas or some weird inner happening that I wasn't familiar with yet.  I looked down at my stomach, a little confused, then shrugged it off. I think you wanted to let me know you were here and developing well. (I was a little concerned about that because I wasn’t feeling the butterflies.) You kicked again, almost in the same spot. I looked down, placed my hand where I felt you and softly said, “I think the baby just kicked.” Dad raised his head and asked, “What?” I repeated myself and just like your dad would, he claimed you decided to kick because he was right there.

This week was an array of emotions for us because it was time to find out what you were, a boy or a girl.

The family wanted to know, friends wanted to know, we wanted to know, everyone wanted to know. The day before the appointment, your dad was very nervous. I was just taking things as they came.

The day of the appointment arrived and the ultrasound technician set me up to check you out. She made sure you had your kidneys and confirmed that you had ten fingers and ten toes. You didn’t like it though. I guess she was ruining your comfort because you wouldn’t stay still. The technician would try and take a picture of you but you didn’t care. You twisted and stretched and made her job a little bit more difficult then it had to be. I must say that it was kind of cool to see you move on screen and feel it in my belly at the same time.

It was the moment of truth.

After all your pictures were taken, the technician went to get your daddy. Now I started to get nervous and I began to uncontrollably smile, which I do when it’s an awkward situation. Daddy came in and sat down quietly. Were were shown your head, your hands and arms and your toes and legs. Your legs seemed long and lanky to me. Maybe you’ll take that from your mommy?

Engulfed in our nervousness we were expecting a boy.

We just knew you were a boy, we wanted a boy, but you weren’t. The tech said you were a girl. I again awkwardly smiled and your dad remained quiet and got a little pensive. We didn’t know what to say. It was a surprise to us. The technician gave us a few of your ultrasound pictures and we went on our way to spread the good news. Everyone was so happy to finally know what you were and were extra excited to start buying you things (that you don’t need).

It took us a little while to adjust to finding out that we would be having a baby girl.  Daddy needed some time alone to collect his thoughts while I was able to get it together by the end of the day.  You may not be what we expected but you are exactly what God knows that we need and will still be loved unconditionally.

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