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Dealing With Stress While Pregnant

Dealing With Stress While Pregnant

Oh my goodness, today has just been an emotional roller coaster of sorts.  Love and I have been discussing some very important plans and happenings for the baby's delivery and I'm a bit drained.

I've gotten angry, I've been scared... I even sat in the bathroom stall at work and let tears roll down my face.  (I honestly think that part was hormones because I wasn't "crying crying"...I just couldn't get my eyes to stop running.)  

Anyway, the vast array of emotions caused some extra movements and adjustments from the baby.  Like how I said during my second trimester, that the baby could feel the hurt from her daddy, well she was definitely able to feel mommy's stress.  She started to move a bit aggressively in the evening to the point where I knew it was time to calm down and let my feelings go.

Being stressed while pregnant just isn't a good thing and I'm sure it's even worse when your close to the end of your pregnancy.

It's so very important to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally while pregnant.  So because I did a crappy job at it today, I want to help you avoid that mistake.

Here's 5 ways to deal with being stressed while pregnant.

1. Leave the situation.  

The easiest way to not have any stressful feelings about something is to not invest your time and energy into it.  If you ignore it, there's no way for you to have any feelings invested in that subject and it's outcome.  With pregnancy emotions, it may be difficult to let something go but you have to think of the bigger picture.

2. Think rationally. 

 I understand that sometimes certain topics need to be discussed and you can't just leave it.  When this happens, you have to do your best to calmly think it through.  Don't fly off the handle and just react because you can make the situation a whole lot worse.  You can't unsay something once it's been heard.

3. Distract yourself. 

I am very guilty of using food as a distraction while stressed and being stressed while pregnant isn't any different; I'm an emotional eater.  Today, I had to strongly fight the urge to put down my healthy lunch and go to In 'n' Out for a burger and fries.  When you're lingering on a thought, find something that will take your mind off of it.  Get to work, watch a movie or pay attention to your other child.

4. Pay attention to yourself and baby. 

 Only you really know how far is too far.  For me, it was when my baby tried to break free this evening.  Be aware of your body and of baby.  If you feel exhausted and/or baby is getting agitated, whatever you're stressed about isn't really worth it.

5. Relax. 

Find a way to just chill.  When the baby was moving too much for my comfort, I started to rub my stomach and gently talk to her.  I basically told her that I was sorry and mama is an emotional mess, but I did it in a calm voice.  I like to think she calmed down because of that but who really knows.

There's absolutely nothing at all worth the health of you and your baby so don't let being stressed while being pregnant get to you.  If you use at least one of the tactics from the list, you should do alright.

Please, tell us how you deal with being stressed while pregnant.  Is there something that we can add to the list to help us struggling stressed new mommy's?  Let us know in the comments below!

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