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The Day I Realized I Was Possibly Pregnant

The Day I Realized I Was Possibly Pregnant

It’s the end of October and I’m late...

This wasn’t a surprise to me. I mean, it was supposed to happen… Love and I planned for it to happen. What did catch me off guard was how soon it happened.

After discussing having a baby and what we both wanted (Love: to have it before he turned 30 and after August because pop-warner football, why else? Me: to be married) we put forth a plan to secretly get hitched at an all in one chapel. This way my morals would remain unharmed.  Because we wanted the baby to arrive after August, but before the end of the year, we calculated a window of conception of about 3 months.

Neither of us have tried to have a baby before but knew that conception times varied and sometimes it took a while for birth control to exit the body and human biology is unpredictable. With the small window at hand, we scheduled our chapel appointment and began trying, stupidly.

The week of the chapel appointment comes up but it’s just too hard to ignore how late I actually am. Love was anxious and stressed. And I? I was in disbelief. He really wanted it confirmed and I really didn’t.

Yes, this was the plan but it wasn’t The Plan.

While Love was away at work, I took the at home test. You’re probably thinking, “Why wasn’t he right by your side when you took the test?” Well because my man is special and it was already agreed years in advance that if I took a pregnancy test, I would text him the results.

Unfortunately for my piece of mind, the at home test didn’t fully cooperate.

Well it did, but not how I needed it to. The instructions said one pink line means you’re not pregnant and two pink lines means you are. The cosmos decided to give me one full pink line and another faint pink line. Now the instructions did clearly say that a solid pink line paired with a faint pink line also meant you were pregnant. And I, because I’m also special, didn’t want to believe it without two solid thick pink lines. The faint line was just a stick malfunction to me. I told Love the results but let him know that I would take the second test in the morning because I needed two-solid-pink-lined proof.

The morning came and the cosmos played me again!

I ended up with one solid pink line and another faint pink line. It still wasn’t good enough for me but I had common sense enough to know that there wasn’t anything to fight. But I still willingly carried the doubt. As we updated our family on the news, I made sure to throw in that I was “possibly pregnant.” That faint pink line wasn’t sure so I wasn’t either!

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