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65 Reasons Why Moms Deserve a Vacation Today!

65 Reasons Why Moms Deserve a Vacation Today!

We love to encourage our fellow moms to take time out for themselves. There are plenty of reasons for a vacation and I am sure a mom can think of a million.

We also know that you can give a million excuses as to why you cannot go on a vacation. Which is unfortunate because you deserve one. Think. When was the last time you took a vacation? When was the last time you and the family had...dare I say When was the last time you went on a girls trip?

Let’s put the excuses aside. And if you can’t think of a reason for a vacation (or are trying not to), we got you covered!

65 Reasons Why Moms Deserve a Vacation Today!

  1. Your kid dropped the tablet in a poop infested toilet

  2. Your boss sucks

  3. You finally caught up on all the house cleaning you had put off for AWHILE and you want the house to remain clean for longer than a few hours

  4. You have been working hard to build your empire and it has paid off

  5. All your bills are paid and you have extra

  6. You saved for the vacation

  7. You want to take one

  8. You haven’t been on one in a while

  9. Your kids asked to go on one

  10. Your husband asked to go on one

  11. You’re just plain old tired

  12. It’s Summer...Winter...Spring...Fall

  13. You graduated from school

  14. You’re celebrating a big win

  15. You’re celebrating your birthday

  16. You’re celebrating someone else’s birthday

  17. You’re happy

  18. You’re sad

  19. You’re kid leaves their toys everywhere and you have stepped on a lego for the 100th time

  20. Your kid keeps you up way past your bedtime

  21. People keep calling your name

  22. You forgot to make dinner

  23. You’re kid won’t eat the meal they asked for

  24. Someone clogged the toilet but you’re the one handling it

  25. You keep having to get up

  26. Your kid won’t stop calling you

  27. You survived another year

  28. You survived the first year

  29. You’re pregnant again

  30. Your in-laws are in town

  31. You need to start crossing things off your bucket list

  32. The car broke down

  33. Your heel broke

  34. You remembered who was President

  35. You’ve realized it’s 2018 and fill in the blank

  36. We have to tell people not to eat Tide Pods

  37. Your friend or family member finally paid you back

  38. You’re two seconds away from going berserk

  39. You’ve been consistently reaching your goals

  40. The kids are away for the summer

  41. You need to reclaim happiness

  42. You’re tired of looking at a messy home

  43. You’re tired of looking at your child’s face

  44. You deserve a vacation

  45. You do everything

  46. The baby sneezed in your mouth

  47. You keep having to make trips back and forth from the grocery store

  48. You’re the CEO of your home and your business

  49. You haven’t had good sleep in you don’t know how long

  50. You’re going crazy

  51. You need a girls night out

  52. You need to be around adults

  53. Your tired of remembering to pack snacks, diapers, wipes and bottles

  54. You want to be around better weather

  55. You want room service to cater to you

  56. The kid won’t stop grabbing your leg

  57. You have a grown man child

  58. Bills are stressing you out

  59. Your neighbor keeps telling you about their vacation

  60. You find toys in your shoes

  61. Your arms hurt from carrying the child

  62. You just need a beach sunset in your life

  63. You lost your mom bod and you need to show it off

  64. You need to feel like a priority

  65. You said so

There you have it! A complete list of 50 reasons why you should pack your bags and leave for a vacation. Today! We know how hard you work mom, so go and have some fun. 

 Motherhood is hard, and tiring and stressful and we get it. Sometimes we need a little self care or work life balance and sometimes we need to take it a step further and go on a full vacation. But just in case you can't see why you deserve to take a vacation, check out this list and book one today!

While the list is meant to be funny, we know that there's a lot on this list that you either have dealt with or are dealing with or have yet to deal with, because we just can't be only ones going through all of this. While the pressures of motherhood can stack up, you still need to look out for yourself and your health. Vacations are a great way to step away from the humdrum of the every day, if only for a little while. Trust us, it will do you some good.

So, take this list, find at least one thing on it that resonates with your life and start booking your trip today!

Let us know in the comments where you want to take your vacation! You can give us some ideas.

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