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7 Cheap Gift Ideas for Your Man on Valentine's Day

7 Cheap Gift Ideas for Your Man on Valentine's Day

Now my husband and I are not one to make a big deal about Valentine’s Day. We believe that you should do nice things for the loves in your life all year round. One special day that society made up does not really get us to spend our money and go to a crowded dinner.

However, not everyone is us. Many of you want to make the day special. And truth be told, we all get a bit busy in life and forgetful, so for some Valentine’s Day is a simple reminder to keep the spark in there from time to time.

Since I’ve noticed that Valentine’s Day is more about the woman, I have decided to focus this post on the man. So here are 7 cheap gift ideas for your man on Valentine's Day. Spoiler Alert! Sex is pretty much a given, so we won't be focusing on that.


1. Chocolate

Of course number 1 is chocolates. Men like candy too. I know for one, my husband has a big sweet tooth. Well actually he has a big "I want to eat whatever is edible" tooth, but that’s beside the point. Men will enjoy a nice box of chocolates, bonus points if it is a box of their favorite.

2. Cologne/Body Wash

I don’t know about you but I like when my man smells good. This can come in the form of a body wash too. Bath and Body Works has some great scents for men and they always have a deal.

3. Shave Kit

My husband is bald and very sensitive about his shave routine. And I've learned why. See a man's razor is specifically for specific things, like their face. When a woman uses their razor it messes up the blade, and that messed up blade will irritate their skin. Hints why they get annoyed. So, keep the razor up to date and add some nice shave gel and after shave.

4. Work Out Gear

The men in my life love to work out. So some gear or items they can use at the gym would make an excellent gift. Gym bag, jump rope, hand wraps...the ideas are endless. 

5. Touchscreen Gloves

Men love their gadgets, and it gets really could outside. But don't you just hate it when you always have to take your gloves off to use your phone? Get them some cool gloves that they can use to help keep them word and operate their gadgets all at the same time.

6. New Outfit

I don't know about your guy, but mine hates to shop. I use holidays to update his style. Whether that be with a new shirt, a pair of pants, or an accessory. Help kick-start that new style with a new item in his closet. Target has updated their line of clothes. Super affordable and super stylish.

7. Dinner at a new restaurant

If you just have to, you can go out to dinner. The trick is to make it a new and fun place. Take the pressure off and take him somewhere more chill where you've never gone before. Bonus if you can find a fun place with a coupon...just helps save some coins.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. I believe that you should show your loved ones how you feel about them all throughout the year and if you do that, Valentine’s Day should just be another day that you show love.

What have been some gifts your man just loved to receive?

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