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Budget Friendly Gifts for Your Significant Other

Budget Friendly Gifts for Your Significant Other


It's Delaya. If you haven't noticed yet, we're coming to the end of good ol' February of 2018. We spent the time adorning ourselves in the black excellence that is Marvel's Black Panther. (#WakandaForever), enriching our black history knowledge, and engulfing ourselves in love (or figuring out how to do it better). And while the month draws to an end, your relationship isn't. ...Hopefully it isn't...if that's what you want...

Anyways, just because February is closing doesn't mean the love shop shuts down. We still have to, and very much should, show our significant others the love that we have for them. With that, Julia and and I know the struggle. Adulting requires you to pay bills, go to work, take care of your kids... I mean, who has the actual time? More importantly, who has the actual funds?!

 Not sure what to buy your significant other for their birthday, holiday or your anniversary? Are you on a budget? Well, Julia, Delaya and other guest posters of women shared a few budget friendly gift ideas and cheap romantic date ideas.

Well, that's where Julia, I and some other moms across the inter webs come in. Because we're familiar with the struggle, we know how to buy budget friendly gifts for our significant others or share intimate moments with them, where at the end of the day we like it and they love it. The 3 things you need to remember when picking a budget friendly gift though, are:

  • Pay Attention: When you're ballin' on a budget, you really have to be careful to pay attention to the smallest things that interest your significant other. These gifts will relate to his everyday habits, hobbies and treats.
  • Be Creative: You're dollars are only going so far, especially if you're adding tax. Sometimes you'll have to make an extra dollar stretch by using a discount code or coupon or even hand making something if you happen to be good with your hands.
  • Don't Be Too Cheap: I mean we're broke, but we aren't that broke. Don't buy your significant other anything that looks like it'll fall apart as soon as you walk out the store. 

Now with those gems of things to remember when shopping for budget friendly gifts for your significant other, here's a few suggestions on what you can buy them!

1. Give your significant the treats that he or she craves. Do they have a sweet tooth and always get a bar of chocolate as they leave the grocery store? I know my man loves the Haribo gummy bears. I mean so much so that with almost every trip I make to CVS, he's requesting a pack of gummy bears upon my return. Well, on days that I just want to show him that I'm thinking about him, I'll bring home a pack of gummy bears or I'll sneak them in his car so he can be greeted with a nice surprise. It's always a nice feeling to know that you're on someone's mind.

2. Buy him a t-shirt. Not too romantic, true, but if you're man is like man, he's wearing t-shirts and basketball shorts pretty much everyday of the week aside from work attire. Love likes witty graphic t-shirts that resonates with his life, interests or past in some way shape or form. If you were to come across a t-shirt or something that you thought your significant other might like, based on how well you know them, you should treat them to the t-shirt. If you're wrong, it'll probably end up being a great life.

3. Some of the best times are when Love and I do things together. Whether it's bowling, the batting cages or playing card games, we always seem to have a blast. I'm sure our competitiveness plays a huge roll in it, but they're often very rememberable moments. Either way, all of these are super budget friendly evenings you and your significant other can enjoy together. And yes, I'm going to be cliche and say, that's priceless.

 Not sure what to buy your significant other for their birthday, holiday or your anniversary? Are you on a budget? Well, Julia, Delaya and other guest posters of women shared a few budget friendly gift ideas and cheap romantic date ideas.

Julia Says...

1. If your partner enjoys a good workout, a nice gym bag is a great gift for them. If they plan to hit the gym after work, they can already have their items on hand. And if they plan to hit the gym before work, they can use the gym bag for their work clothes. I got my hubby one and he loves it.

2. My husband loves a good motivational book. If your SO loves to stay motivated or even just needs a kick in the caboose to get that fire back, a great book will work wonders.

3. Does your partner love to bake like me? For anyone that finds baking and cooking as a hobby and as a way of blissful stress relief, a bakeware or cookware set would make the perfect gift! This gift idea is a win-win because you will get to enjoy those amazing creations they cook up. Then you can use the gym bag to go to the gym...see what I did there. Here’s an awesome bakeware set.

4. Give the gift of relaxation by gifting a massage. I don’t know who wouldn’t want this. And you can get some great deals through Groupon.

5. This is your boo, you know a lot about them. What they like, what they don’t like. What they love, what they crave. Why not make a DIY gift basket filled with things they love! If I was doing this for my husband, I’d put in a movie ticket, a motivational book, a superhero tee, and snacks. Be creative! This one is probably the most thoughtful.

And one time for the February love month culture, here are a few very cute and romantic stories that a few of our friends shared from across the internet! If you like what they're saying, go on and click over to their website!

1. When my husband was trying to woo me as a widow before we got married, he beautifully wrapped up and gave me a very heavy box, [which made me] excited because I couldn't imagine what could be so heavy! To my surprise, it was a red brick; yes, a masons brick! Enclosed was a note that said, "This is your 1st brick I will use to rebuild your home." My house was sliding off of it's foundation at the time and he was a contractor. That brick cost $.32 and it won him a wife.
Christina Polovich of Chrissy Adventures

2. My favorite romantic moment was grabbing a slice of pizza, getting caught it the rain, and then eating together in the car. It was so much fun just going to grab a slice and chat, that even though it wasn’t a date it felt like a movie moment. Not long after, we started dating and have been together since.
Sophie Newman of Sophie Newman

3. The budget-friendly romantic date I'd like to share is when I took my husband (then-boyfriend) to a little Thai restaurant on a side road (it had great reviews online) for their lunch time buffet and then we went to see the matinee showing of Porgy and Bess using a 2 for 1 voucher I'd got online. Needless to say, be both had fun that day. Remember, when it comes to saving money on going out, the internet is your friend.
Ade Goode of Soyebo Digital

4. When my husband and I first started dating, we used the portable speakers and blanket I kept in my car to have a relaxing evening at a beautiful park that often had weddings. We would get some cheap takeout and sit at the park until dark.
Chelsea Elliott of N. Chi's World

5. We usually check the cupboard and fridge and see what's in there or take a $20 budget to the store and get some items that don't necessarily go together. Then come up with a meal. For the most part we talk about the food, what works and what doesn't.
La'Donya of Such a Pratt

We have just made it easy for you to surprise your significant other for their birthday, just because, or for a holiday. Now you never have to scramble for another gift idea again.

What are some budget friendly gift ideas you have for your significant other?

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