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23 Black Inventions You'd Be Lost Without

23 Black Inventions You'd Be Lost Without

Delaya says...

Knowledge is important. Knowing where you come from is important. Knowing your potential is important.

I remember in elementary school when our classes would focus on the great things African Americans achieved but it only happened during Black History Month. That is, unless Martin Luther King Jr.'s place in the historical timeline happened to fall after February. Then we got a double dosage.

We'd learn about the same few every year, MLK Jr. and Harriet Tubman. As if there weren't any other historical black figures to cover. I actually learned about Dr. Charles Richard Drew and Madam C.J. Walker by watching the Black History special of Sister Sister with twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry. Now, what does that say?

While taking advantage (and deciphering and questioning) the free public education we've received is all well and good, we should continue to learn the history and truth of the ones who came before us. On our own initiative, we should at least dabble in some research of what other black figures have done, invented and contributed to our society. There are actually a number of inventions that were made by black people and Julia will name only a few black inventions that you'd probably be lost without.

Julia says...

1. Street Light invented by Garrett Morgan in 1923

2. Dust pan invented by Lawrence P. Ray in 1897

3. Hot comb invented by Madam C. J. Walker in 1905

4. Clothes dryer invented by George T. Sampson in 1862

5. Modern Elevator invented by Alexander Miles in 1867

6. The Railway Crossing Signal invented by Thomas Stewart

7. Home Security System invented by Marie Van Brittan Brown

8. The Pacemaker invented by Otis Boykin

9. The Blood Bank invented by Dr. Charles Richard Drew in 1945

10. Mobile Refrigeration invented by Frederick McKinley

11. Automatic Gearshifts invented by Richard Spikes in 1932

12. Shoe Lasting Machine that made shoes more affordable was invented by Jan Matzeliger

13. The Mailbox invented by in Philip B. Downing 1891

14. Gas Heating Furnace invented by Alice Parker

15. Contributions to the Touch-Tone Phone, Caller ID and Call Waiting were made by Shirley Ann Jackson

16. Co-invented Gamma-Electric cell that contributed to the Cell Phone was done by Dr. Henry T. Sampson in 1971

17. Air Conditioning Unit invented by Frederick M. Jones in 1949

18. Reversible Baby Carriage invented by William H. Richardson in 1899

19. The Carbon Filament for the Incandescent Light Bulb was invented by Lewis Latimer in 1882

20. Ceiling Sprinkler Fire Extinguishing System invented by T. Marshall in 1872

21. Thermostat invented by Frederick M. Jones in 1960

22. Eye Protector Glasses (Safety Glasses) invented by P. Johnson in 1880

23. Four Legged Metal Mailbox invented by Paul Paul L. Downing in 1891

So there you have it. 50 black inventions you'd be lost without. We are truly proud of our blackness and heritage. We plan to pass on all of our black magic to our girls. And who knows, we just might invent something during this BABS journey.

What is a black invention you for sure wouldn't be able to live without? Let us know in the comments below.

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