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Moms Share Their Hopes & Dreams For Their Kids

Moms Share Their Hopes & Dreams For Their Kids

It is no secret that children change your life for the better. Yes it's work, yes sometimes you question why you had kids in the first place, and yes every time you are able to send them away to grandma's or when they sleep you give a big time sigh of relief. 

However, they become your world. You feel a love you never thought lived inside of you. You want to protect them from anything and everything. You laugh with them and cry with them. And let me just say as a toddler mom, I am constantly laughing with my three-year old. 

And we know as moms that once that little baby was born you had all of these thoughts running through your mind. Hopes and dreams that you have for them. Wanting them to believe that they can do anything. I don't think that feeling ever goes away. 

We gathered a few other moms to help us share our hopes and dreams for our kids.

We know raising kids is hard work and as moms, we work hard to instill good values and traits in our kids. As they grow, we have a vision of who we want our children to be. In this post, moms across the web share their hopes and dreams for their children.

1. For Jayla to have full confidence in herself and her abilities. For her to never hesitate when it comes to going for something or achieving something amazing. Jayla needs to believe in herself and for some reason I find that to be the hardest thing for people to do. When she learns and accepts that their is nothing she can't do if she sets her mind to it and gives it her all, she will be unstoppable.

2. I want my girls to know they can do, and be, anything they want to, and that it's okay for your wants and dreams to change over time. Being true to yourself is the most important thing in life, and I really hope they can absorb that message!
Jessica Foley of A Modern Mom's Life

3. I want my daughters to grow into strong, confident, and kind women. I also want them to know that whatever their path, whether a stay at home mom, working mom, or not having children at all, that they are all equally honorable choices and will be supported by her family.
Surya Chorister of The Busy Mom Club

4. You are uniquely and wonderfully made, and if someone else can not appreciate you for who you are, then that is their loss. Do not change or compromise yourself because other people think you are weird - many people now considered great were once considered weird.
Ade Goode of Cookies and Strings

5. That my daughter can spend her life doing what makes her happy and not have to do things based purely on responsibility. This is the life I'm living right now and I often find it crippling. You can lose your drive and motivation to get out of bed and your actions can sometimes feel pointless. No one should have to feel like this but so many do, or even worse. I want her to wake up everyday with a sense of power, purpose and direction that fills her with pure happiness.

6. I hope I do a good job raising my son to be a global citizen, and to love and appreciate his culture as well as the cultures of others. Born and raised in Miami myself, I’ve come to embrace our melting pot city (and country), and I want my little guy to always strive to know and understand more about people from all walks of life!
Vanessa Oviedo of Dumpy Diapers

7. I hope my son or daughter learn the importance of failure, and that it’s more than okay to fail. In fact, I’m going to encourage it daily by asking them each night “what did you fail at today?” Because then I’ll know that they tried.
Karen Jayne Blattenbauer of Hear Say PR

8. I want my kids to challenge everything (yea, even me). So much of life is presented to us as 'this is the way it is', and I want them to take pride in bucking the system and forging their own path to happiness and success.
Destiny Hagest of Destiny Hagest

9. I hope Jayla holds on to her faith and never lets it go. I pray she keeps God first in all things.

We know raising kids is hard work and as moms, we work hard to instill good values and traits in our kids. As they grow, we have a vision of who we want our children to be. In this post, moms across the web share their hopes and dreams for their children.

10. I hope mine see the power of work ethic and to always know they have a choice in life [because] these two concepts have gotten me off the bad road I was headed down when I was younger. I went into the real world ill prepared and know exactly what my future would have looked like, but with raw determination and making hard decisions, I put myself on a different path and my life is so much better because of it.
Jen Rudd of Grow with Jen

11. My hopes and dreams for my three children are simply that they live a life full of love for themselves and others. As a parent I want to teach my children that there is much pain and suffering in this world and what we get out of life depends on what we put into it; we can choose to be part of that pain and suffering or we can find ways to help those in pain, then hopefully, when we hurt, we will be surrounded by people who want to help us.
Kendra Bailey Canfield of The Scarlet Journey

12. I want my daughter to know that the best work she could do, is becoming comfortable and confident with who she is as early as possible. She's remarkable and the most important lesson I could teach her is to believe that about herself.
Megan Seeley of The Goal Designer

13. For my daughter to know the value of all of her - every trait, every thought and every "flaw." For her to love it all wholeheartedly and confidently and for her to never ever waver from it for a second. Self confidence can take you a long way. Things the average person won't do, a self confident person would do in a heart beat, with no real fear of risk. I don't want a thought, a fear or another human being to have the power to hold her back from her conviction, not even a little bit.

14. I hope my children are accepting of others, regardless of their racial, religious, or educational background. I hope that they can truly be global citizens that can accept others and themselves for who they are because they are wonderful!
Brittany Schreurs of Challenges from a Teacher Mom

15. I hope that my daughter leads a life that is limitless, and lives in her purpose by her having the ability to design her own life, and remain fearless in the process!
Toiia Rukuni of Mother of the World

16. For Jayla to be happy and have a happy life.

17. I hope my son learns that poop is meant to stay in the potty and that Mickey Mouse doesn’t really live inside the TV.
Michelle Vroom of Life is a Vroom

18. I hope that my daughters grow up knowing their worth. Queens should be treated as such.
Chantal Maples of Growing Girls with Curls

19. I'd like for Ava to have the courage to speak up for herself and others when she see's something is wrong. But to also know when to get involved and when not to get involved.

20. I want my daughter to know how to manage each of her emotions. I want to teach her that’s it’s okay to feel sad or mad and give her coping skills to get through whatever she’s going through.
Chelsea Elliott of N. Chi's World 

21. I hope my daughters grow up to be strong and confident. The world can be a finicky place but I want them to be confident enough to believe in themselves.
Shelby Stover of Fit as a Mama Bear

22. I hope my son realizes that he doesn't have to fit the "salary man mold," that just because that is the path that the majority take, it isn't the only way and that he can be successful doing the things that he loves.
Jo Ebisujima of JoJoeBi

23. My hopes and dreams for my kids, one daughter and twin boys, is for them to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that anything in their wildest dreams are attainable. There is no such thing as impossible.
Nacondra Moran of Exceptional Tax Services

24. I hope for her to follow her heart and to grab life by the horns and rock it! I hope that she makes good decisions in life but that they are never made out of fear. I want her to learn the acronym that fear is false evidence appearing real. So that she will never look back and regret not taking a chance.

25. I want my kids to always strive to be a better version of themselves and to never let anyone tell them, "You can't succeed in whatever you do." "You win some and you lose some," but know the real true accomplishment is TRYING YOUR BEST and NEVER giving up.
Sharmaine Wiley-Ware of Ware Family112

26. I have 2 girls and I want to raise them so they know that they can be who and what they want. They're not restricted to working only girl stereotype roles in their futures.
Juli Anne of Once Upon A Cheerio

27. I want my children to learn there is no "right" way to do life, but if they're not living it to the best of their abilities, following their dreams, and doing it with kindness and compassion, they're definitely doing it wrong. Also, that it's lonely at the top ofthe mount if you push everyone down to get there; adding fuel to someone's fire doesn't diminish your own.
Roketa Dumas of Socially Acquainted

28. I want Ava to be open to trying new things, at least once. Food, activities, locations, all of it, just to get a better experience out of life.

It may not be crystal clear to our kids why we make the decisions we do or focus on the lessons that we repetitively teach, but that's okay. It's not for them to completely understand. Not at least until they give their epic "thank you, you're the real MVP," speech.

Sometimes keeping them on the right path is daunting and you may want to give up and consider letting them be the next reckless mess in the world, but stay strong mom, you are doing a great job!

If you aren't too sure about how well you're doing as a mom, you can try out our free 5 day email course that teaches you how to be a Cool Mom. Being a cool mom is about having confidence in what you're doing as a mom and in what you're doing for yourself. If you are already confidently momming the mess out of life, then tell us in the comment section what you're hopes and dreams for your kids are. If you're having a little trouble with your mom confidence, get instant access to the free course today by clicking the image below!

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