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25 FREE Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

25 FREE Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

BABS, it is just ludacris how much things are costing these days.  Hubby and I went to the mall with Jayla and as a treat, we got pretzels. 3 pretzels and two dips later cost me almost $20. To me, that is not cheap. I think it's more of a value thing. I didn’t find it worth it at all!

I’m sure there have been many times where we have gone out to do an activity with our kids and have been bamboozled or outraged by the grand total. I think we as parents want to make these experiences and don’t want our kids to feel like they had a boring childhood, but truthfully kids don’t need or want much. They truly just want the time with you and anything FREE can be made enjoyable.

I’m guilty! Guilty of thinking everything I do has to cost money. Guilty of thinking I’m not giving Jayla enough happiness and adventure (come on she’s two). Truth is, we need to stop fooling ourselves and give our kids the gift of us. And hey, no need to be embarrassed by your pocket because a lot of times the people rolling around like they have so much money actually don’t.

I try to impress no one and I am honest when I just ain’t got the money to spend. But it is so easy to forget that kids just want to be kids. And everything does not have to be expensive.


Here are 25 FREE Things You Can Do With Your Toddler

1.  Camp Out- You can do this in the living room, in your backyard, or at a camp ground. I'd prefer the living room lol

2.  Play dress-up- Who doesn't love a good princess, doctor, or superhero?


3.  Go to a free outdoor movie screening- Check Eventbrite for these kinds of events

4.  Have an indoor or outdoor picnic

5.  Watch your kid's favorite movie or t.v. show- Jay loves PJ Masks and Sofia the First


6.  Sing songs

7.  Form a band- Maybe you're the next Partridge Family, Brady Bunch, or Jackson 5

8.  Read books- Fun and educational

9.  Play games: hide and seek, tag

10.  Go swimming- Jay absolutely loves the pool


11.  Play in make-up

12.  Paint each other's nails

13.  Go on an adventure walk or bike ride


14.  Have a playdate with a friend


15.   Color a bazillion pictures- Ok maybe not a bazillion, but a lot will do

16.  Go to the park

17.  Play in the play area at the mall

18.  Play with action figures

19.  Play with dolls

20.  Play with trucks and trains

21.  Play a sport- Soccer, football, baseball, basketball...any sport will do

22.  Play human hungry hungry hippos with stuff you already have in the house- Grab a lot of toys preferably balls, use a wide hamper as your mouth grabber, and partner up because someone has to hold the feet...and...go!

23.  Film a music video- Or dance around like you're in one

24. Go to the beach


25. Put on a show- I use to do this as a kid with my sister, fun.

See, there are so many things that you can do for free either right at home or not so far away. Your kids just want to spend time with you. Fun is what you make it, so be free and have fun while being kind to your pocket.

What are some of your favorite free activities you do with your kids? Tell us in the comments below!

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