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5 Things My Baby Communicates Through Eye Contact

5 Things My Baby Communicates Through Eye Contact

My little girl recently turned 9 months old and I'm not sure what to do with myself.

She's been crawling for a little while now and that's been an adjustment to say the least.  My life is a consecutive up and down motion as she learns how to get into everything.

She has also taken a few struggle steps, so she'll be walking pretty soon.

Pray for my patience, please.

Aside from trying to walk the walk, the child has been trying to talk the talk.  She repeats sounds and tries to get in some words here and there.  Well mainly here, not there.  

We're pretty good on "No-no" and "Hi."  She's been saying "Da-da-....da-da-da" for a while, along with "Mmmma-mma" but I think she's starting to understand who the titles belong to.

While I look forward to my baby actually saying words (kinda... sometimes...), I can't ignore that she's been communicating with me for months now.

Not verbally though because that would be creepy.  She communicates through eye contact, which is definitely not creepy at all.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that every mom has caught their child staring at them on several different occasions.  Sometimes, though stares end up in a locked gaze with each other and you feel that you can feel what your child is thinking.

I get these moments a lot with Ava.  It's one of the characteristics of our relationship that I try to stay conscious of.  It could very well be because she has my eyes (and only my eyes) and I fixate on them or because they're the window to our souls.  No matter the reason, I know Ava communicates through eye contact with me.  Whether or not, I'm right is another story, but eh.

Here are 5 things my baby communicates through eye contact...

...but first, a few honorable mentions:

  • Get me out of this carseat.
  • This (tickling, peak-a-boo, patty cake, repetitive action) is so much fun!  Do it again.
  • Yay, you're back! Come get me!
  • Just making sure that you're still there.
  • Wait! No, I let it go/put it down/left it alone! You don't have to...[insert pops and hand taps here]
  • You're turn!

Now, for the 5 things my baby communicates through eye contact:

1. Feed me.

My daughter has not played with food since she came out the womb.  It's really the only thing she will consistently cry for.  When she sees me making a bottle or mixing up baby food, she knows what time it is but she isn't too keen on grabbing her bottle from me or ready to spoon feed herself just yet, which is where the look comes in.  She will look at me for the shortest time, as if to say, "I'm giving you a little time to get your life together and to put the food/bottle in my mouth before I flip out on you."  Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.  

2. Nah, I'm not tired.

This is that look the kid gives when they lay down and you feel a little sense of relief because they're falling asleep but they pop their head up, look at you and laugh.  My child is good for this one.  I'm over here struggling to keep my eyes open and you still want to explore.  It's just so cruel sometimes.

3. You're magical/amazing/awing.

Now our gazes don't often meet during this look, but it is my favorite.  I catch it when I have to hold her as I get ready in the bathroom mirror.  I can be trying really hard to moisturize my big natural hair or can simply be brushing my teeth and I see Ava looking up at me with wide eyes.  I like to think that she can sense my black girl magic and already wants to be just like me.  It's like she wants that natural hair for herself.

4. Where are you going?!

Needless to say, this one is when I'm trying to live my life 3 feet away from her.  My baby is a clingy cuddler when it comes to mama and unless she is super distracted, there is little chance I'm walking 2 feet without her trying to follow me.  

In 5 Things You Do More of When You Become a Mom, I talked about how great it feels when you're child really wants to be around you but sometimes...  Man, sometimes...

I try very hard not to have eye contact when I think this look is a possibility.

5. I trust you.

Another favorite.  This eye contact connection occurs when she's calm and cradled in my arms, on her way to sleep.  She quietly looks up at me as her eye lids get heavier little by little until they're completely closed.

She feels safe and comforted enough to fall asleep in my arms.  A good sign that I'm doing something right.

See, I told you it wasn't creepy.  If anything, it's endearing and a little comical.  

Have you had any moments like these?  Have you had anything else communicated through eye contact from your child?  Let us know in the comments below!

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