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7 Ways to Protect Your Relationship

7 Ways to Protect Your Relationship

I think it’s pretty safe to say that in order to make anything last, you have to work for it.

Nothing these days comes easy and nothing remains without your continuous effort. 

Relationships are no different.

I was blessed and fortunate enough to grow a strong friendship with Love first before we started dating.  Having a friendship first was something I considered a requirement but you really never know how life is going to pan out...

But even with our friendship and strong foundation bond, it wasn’t enough to protect our relationship and keep us together.

After being friends for a year and dating for a few months, Love ended our relationship because of ignorance on my part and the result was an emotional whirlwind.  With our feelings in play, the opinions of others having too much weight and life being in full effect, we ended up being a destructive mess to each other.

We got back together not too much later, but I definitely picked up a few nuggets of knowledge during that time (and in these past few years) to help protect our relationship from ever going through something like that again. 

If you’re in a relationship, or you plan to be in one some day, I’ll gladly share a few of those with you right now.


In no particular order…

7 Tips On How to Protect Your Relationship

1. Be open.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your needs, wants or expectations of each other with each other.   While your entire happiness shouldn’t depend solely on your partner, they will be a big part of it.

In order to protect your relationship from each other, you want to make sure that your partner knows what it takes to make you happy and what it takes to keep you happy.  What are your turn-ons, turn-off’s and triggers?  How will they know any of this, if you don’t tell them?  How will you know any of this about them if you don’t ask?  Sounds basic right?

Talk to each other; learn each other. 

2. Avoid Temptation.

Very little breaks up a relationship faster than an infidelity. Whether you’re a partner with a wandering eye or are having scandalous thoughts, you should never put yourself in a compromising situation.

Now I’m not saying don’t befriend the opposite sex (I have my own opinion about that…); I’m saying, don’t put yourself in horrible situations when you’re already on that slippery slope.

If protecting your relationship is what you really want to do, you have to be open with your partner and let them know hoe and why you're feeling like you need to step outside of the relationship.  You can either fix it together or decide to go your separate ways from there.

3. See the best in them and love the worst.

If you feel you’re in a relationship and you need to change everything about your partner, then you should leave.  That’s not a good look for you.

There’s no way around it.  You have to take your partner for who they are and who they aren’t if you want this to work out. 

That’s it.  Love them or leave them.

4. Take comfort in your space apart.

I love my man, but I love him when he’s not next to me too.  Sometimes, you need that breather to regroup, to focus on yourself or just have a little fun without the eyes of your partner around.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Protect your relationship a step further and be absolutely okay and secure about your partner going out and enjoying their space without your presence.  Being secure in yourself and your relationship is necessary for this tip to work.

5. Build your lives together.

Set short and long term goals to help strengthen your bond and trust in each other to get them done.  You'll have something to work towards together and celebrate when you accomplish it.

You won’t be paying attention to too many exterior influences when you have intentions on building greatness together.

6. Don’t let anyone/anything come between you.

This is a major nugget in protecting your relationship.  It can sometimes seem like your relationship is being attacked from all different angles.  There’s other people, financial dilemmas and just life in general that’s trying to drive a wedge in relationship.  Don’t let it.

Things happen, but you stay strong and get through it together.

7. Talk to the experienced for advice.

Now this can be the elder at your church or just a friend, but whoever you talk to, should be qualified to give their opinion; they should be teaching from the good book or should be in a long lasting committed realationship.  Don't ask your friend who's had three boyfriends in one month because she clearly ain't doing something right.

This list can actually go on and on, depending on the relationship.  I could've added to fall in love with each other over and over again, be vulnerable, don't speak negatively of your partner to others or to check in with each other to this list and still have more to say.

Protecting your relationship isn't (shouldn't be) hard and tedious but it is necessary.

If you're relationship is worth it, you'll keep your eyes open and won't let anything get in between you and your partner.


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