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5 Things You Do More Of When You Become a Mom

5 Things You Do More Of When You Become a Mom

This time last year, my baby bump was just barely beginning to show.  I was creeping on 5 months and clueless of what was to come.  I’d fall asleep imagining what kind of mother I’d be and wondering what motherhood would actually be like.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting sunshine and rainbows.  I mean, I knew better than that.  But what it actually entailed, I had no idea.  And 8 months into motherhood, I can still say that I have no idea!

There’s nothing that can prepare you for the whirlwind that is motherhood.  Some days it’ll feel like a nice gentle breeze and others will be category 5 hurricane winds.  Luckily, I don’t think I’ve experienced the category 5 winds yet but I can tell you right now that I’m not prepared and I will probably end that day curled up in the fetal position after begging the child to go to sleep.

Even Julia's made a list of things she'd never thought she would do until she became a mom.

Now, even though I can’t tell you bit by bit what to expect when you have that kid, I can tell you a few of the things you will do more of when you become a mom.

These things are unavoidable and just happen.


You can say, “No, I won’t do any of these when I become a mom,” but let me tell you now, you will.  Some of these things on this list I said I wouldn’t do but after eight months, I’ve embraced each and every one.

5 Things You Do More of When You Become a Mom

1. Cuss/Curse/Swear

Whatever you want to call it, you’ll do a lot more of it.

Why: Your kid will do something odd that will leave you confused; you’ll tilt your head and say “WTF?” They’ll have days where they don’t want to let you go and become a leech and you’ll let out a heavy sigh of “WTF?”  Or they’ll move around as they get a poopy diaper changed and get s*** where it doesn’t belong and you'll yell, “WTF?!” because guess who gets to scrub it all up.  Hint: it ain't the child boo boo.

No lie, I did have a bit of a potty mouth behind closed doors before I had Ava but boy has that increased since I’ve had her.  Sometimes profanity is the only way I feel like my true feelings are being expressed.  I will have to calm it down as she starts to repeat things but right now, the “S” and “F” words are my go to.

2. Multi-task

You will do #allthethings a lot more.
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Why: Because you were carrying the world on your shoulders before and you just added a little life to that.  In everything you do, you will have to tend to the child simultaneously.  At least, that’s my reality right now.  Add on home and the baby's dad and you’ll wish you had 4 additional arms and legs to handle everything.

Along with baby, her dad and our home, I’ve decided to start a few business on the side.  Some Saturday mornings you’ll find me at the computer, working on my blogs, with Ava cradled in one arm and her bottle propped under my chin so she can eat.

3. Take Pictures

Why: Because they’re cuter than you think and you want to remember everything but as soon as you snap the picture, they’ll move.  You’ll spend the next 2 minutes trying to get a decent picture.  You’ll end up with about 60 pics of the same moment and won’t delete any of them.

I was the person who cringed at the thought of taking a bajillion pictures of the kid.  I didn’t understand it.  In general, I’m not one for whipping out your phone to snap a pic when life is going by.  I’d rather live it then to pause and try and get the shot.  Oh, how that's changed.  What started as keeping all the family updated on her growth and development became mini photo shoots when she’d put on an outfit I liked and creating her own photo album in my phone.  I’ve never created an album for anything in my phone. 

4. Hide in the Bathroom

Why: Because they’re monsters who won’t let you breathe two breaths of air in silence!  Maybe that's a bit dramatic but it’s true.  Your kid doesn’t understand personal boundaries for a while so you don’t have any.  You have to create your own.  You do this by running away from the child, closing the bathroom door and locking it.  They’ll still be on the opposite side of the door but at least you don’t have to look at them.  I advise taking some cookies and milk with you to fully relax.

My child is only eight months so I don’t feel comfortable closing the bathroom door on her just yet.  But please know, when she goes to bed at night, the bathroom is my go to.  Weird but hey.  I block out the child and the baby daddy; it’s me time.  I scroll through pointless things on all of my feeds because I can’t through the day.  I read emails and get lost in Pinterest.  But the best thing is the long, hot, steaming shower that I’ve worked hard for and deserve.

5. Let Go.

Why: Because you quickly learn that you can’t control everything.  Life has its own plans and so does your baby; you will not be able to predict and troubleshoot every possible situation and you will be forced to accept that.

I’m the type of person who likes to arrive fifteen minutes early to everything or arrive exactly on time at the latest. I had plenty of panic attacks the first few times I took Ava out into the world.  I’d be taking her to her grandmothers and say I’d be there by a certain time and end up leaving the house at that same time.  I just learned to not say a time.  I can't disappoint anyone if no expectations were set.

But even though motherhood can be crazy some (all) of the time, it’s definitely always beautiful. 
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Even though you swear more, chances are what you’re swearing about will become a funny memory down the road.

When you multi-task, your child will (one day) appreciate the Super Mom you had to become to provide and take care of your family.

Your infinite amount of pictures will only reinforce those keepsake memories.  You’ll find out just how fast the little things grow and you won’t want to forget any of it.

While you’re just trying to get a minute alone, it is a slight ego boost to see just how much the child wants to be around you and needs you.

And when you let go, life happens.  The good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.  You’ll enjoy it, you’ll hate it, but most importantly, you’ll live it.

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