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7 Tips on How to Juggle School and Homework as a Mom

7 Tips on How to Juggle School and Homework as a Mom

I have been a mother in school now for four semesters and it is tough! I don't pretend and BS anyone that asks my opinion on going back to school with a child. The truth is, it is hard to juggle school and homework as a mom, and it sucks at times FORSURE!

When considering going back to school, put the "hard" in the back of your mind. Wasn't it hard to carry that kid for nine months in your belly? YES. Wasn't it hard to push that kid out? YES. Wasn't it hard when they were teething? YES. I mean the list of hard can go on and on, but you got through it didn't you? I sure did! So, we all know you can do hard.

How about we focus on the positive stuff. You can teach your child to persevere through anything. You can make something of yourself; give yourself that extra nudge and do something for you. Getting an education benefits everyone, but most of all it benefits you. You owe it to yourself to advance, grow, and complete what you started.


Don't worry you will survive and with my tips to help you juggle school and homework as a mom, I'm sure you'll make it through much easier.

7 tips on how to juggle school and homework as a mom:


This is absolutely, if not detrimentally, necessary for your success. Let me tell you, universities and professors do not care if you are a mother. You are to them a paying student getting your education. Most do not care about your home life. Homework assignments, group projects, and presentations are all still your responsibility and no slack is given. That is why it is essential for you to have a network of people that you trust to take care of your baby while you are working on all that school gives you.

I am fortunate enough to live with my family, and anytime school was kicking my butt with assignments, I had a family member to take Jayla while I knocked out an assignment. I also have great friends and Delaya would take Jayla for a whole day to play while I got work done. Create the network, and the help will be there.


I know, sometimes you want to take it all on yourself and be superwoman huh? But there is no place for pride in this scenario and please don't drive yourself to have a nervous breakdown. Everyone needs help. And it is ok. Be sure to ask your network of happy caring people (I assume they are this way, otherwise why would they be in your life?) for exactly what you need. If you have good people in your life, they will be more than happy to help you out and want to see you succeed.


I am a good juggler. I can have a ton of stuff on my plate and it's going to get done and I will still be functioning with no problem. If you are not this person, it is ok. Only go to school part time instead of full. If you cannot fit classroom life into your schedule, pick an online program.  Sure it'll take you longer to finish, but at least you will be in your right mind and more relaxed while going through the process. The important part is that you finish. Make school fit into your life, not the other way around.


Sure, you and the homies use to go out to dinner for girl's night every Friday or maybe you always snuggle up and watch your favorite TV shows for 2hours during your down time. Some of these things may need to be cut out from time to time. This doesn't mean that you are giving it up for good. Just taking a little break until you learn to manage everything smoothly. You cannot have a fear of missing out because getting assignments done is more important than that show that can easily go in the DVR. Trust me guys, I practice what I preach and you will thank me later.


Sometimes you may find yourself falling behind in your readings or see that late nights have become a new thing while still waking up early. I'm gona need you to take a few deep breathes and not be too serious. Do you really think with 5 classes with a book in each that I am keeping up on every word in the chapters? Ha. Yeah right. Sometimes a chapter just ain't getting read and I feel perfectly content.

Although you need to take school seriously, after all that's your hard earned money and time being used, sometimes something has to give. The trick is to keep up on your notes. Usually professors use the material discussed in class on tests. Also, skimming those long chapters for the important information works wonders.


Guys take advantage of anytime you have away from home. I always have a textbook or notepad with me. Why? Because that hour lunch at work can be used to read or jot down notes for that assignment due soon. I also am able to read at my desk when there is no work for me. If I am waiting in the lobby for an appointment, I pull out some work. And with these high-tech phones EVERYTHING is accessible on the go. Before you know it, your assignment is done and all you have to do is type it up. This also saves you from having to do too much work at home and you can spend more time with your little one.


Just because an assignment is due in 3 weeks does not mean you cannot start on it now. I am usually always ahead of my assignments and that saves me a ton of stress.

With these 7 tips on how to juggle school and homework as a mom, you will be pushing through school like a stress-less boss. If you ever feel like quitting, always remember what or who you are going through this journey for. Let me know how your journey is going and comment below with your graduation date and what you're striving for. Mine is May 6, 2017 with my Bachelor's in Business Management. Keep on pushing #schoolmom!

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