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5 Things You Need to Be a Cool Mom

5 Things You Need to Be a Cool Mom

What makes a "cool mom"? 

Does she wear crop tops? Does she keep the house tidy? Does she use slang and keep up with the latest music? Is she politically savvy? Is she goofy af?

I'd like to think that I'm pretty cool, but who sets the standard? Maybe it's our kids when they get older and let us know. I feel I was raised by a couple of cool ladies and so that cool has definitely rubbed off on me. 

As your child gets older, they will start leaning towards their friends more often. You may find yourself wondering if your words are even getting through to them or if they have something extra to tell you that they just aren't saying. How do I know? Well for one, I'm not that old and remember being a teenager. And two, I mentor kids at my church and sometimes it is like water and oil.

There are tons of things that can make a mom cool, but I've decided to narrow it down to just a few things for the sake of this blog post. But be sure to sign up for our 5 day e-course where Delaya and I go in depth about how to be a cool mom to your children. OH IT'S GOOD! One of the ways I see a mom as a "cool mom" is by how her kids respond to being at home or talking to her. We gota get you opening that house up to the kids so you can stay in the loop of what's happening.


Here are my 5 things you need to be a cool mom

1. Snacks

No one wants to go to anyone's house if there is no food. Especially when the kids we are talking about are teenagers. Hell, even little kids like the good snacks (fondest memories of weekends at my grandma's).

So guess what, when you go grocery shopping, grab extra because I'm sure you would rather have your kids seeing you as cooler than the other parents and inviting their friends over your house. And just think of the doors this opens.

Now I can peep that girl my son likes or see that bad butt kid and give him the eye and teach him some manners. I can ease drop on conversations too. Hey, it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

2. Welcome Mat

Seriously welcome your kids friends and crushes over. Offer up your home so the kids feel comfortable bringing friends over. This isn't happening without rules of course! No doors closed, no persons of the opposite sex in your room, no persons of the opposite sex in your room with the door closed. But as long as your kids feel comfortable bringing their friends over, that means they are not embarrassed to be around you and their friends like to come over too. 

3. Understanding of the lingo

Now if you're going to be a cool mom, you have got to have a grip on what these kids are saying. These new words change all the time and it's important to understand them and speak on your kids level, with confidence and naturally.

If you are the type that never used or uses slang in your life, then you may want to stay away from this one. There is nothing worse than a parent who uses a word in the wrong context or just seems uncomfortable using it. 

4. Attitude

I keep hearing about these judgey moms who love to start drama. They want to talk mess if you parent your kids differently than them and want their bad a** kid invited to your kid's birthday parties. A cool mom isn't concerned with any of that! In a little remix to Cardi B. " I don't bother with these moms, don't let these moms bother me". 

Forreal. A cool mom has a confident, don't test me attitude. This is much needed as your kids get older. You cannot let kids or adults alike guilt trip you. When you discipline it is for a reason. And if another mom has something to say, they definitely won't say it to you because they know you are not one to be pushed around.  

5. Discretion

Listen, if you are doing this to be in the loop with your kids (what other reasons are there) then you have to be discreet. Don't embarrass your kids on purpose trying to be funny. Give them their space but not too much. And if you are ease dropping on a conversation, for goodness sakes be discreet. 

Being a cool mom is mainly about embracing yourself and knowing who you are wholeheartedly. With these extra things, moms can secretly keep the kids in view at all times.

Hey we don't need to beg to be in the loop. We just have to find cool ways to be invited in.

Delaya and I have taken this cool mom thing even further in order to help moms be more confident and open with their kids and themselves, to get moms back to reaching their goals, and to get moms back to making themselves a priority again. Be sure to sign up for this awesome 5 Day Cool Mom E-course so you can be a cool mom with confidence and an open communication tunnel with your kids. 

Do you see yourself as a cool mom? Why or why not? Leave a comment and let's chat!

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