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10 Gifts for the Special People in Your Life for Under $10

10 Gifts for the Special People in Your Life for Under $10

Wow! Thanksgiving is already over and now it is on to Christmas. We're sure you're getting ready by making lists of all the people you need to buy gifts for, looking for great deals and finds, and counting your chips.

This year, Delaya and I need to be budget conscious. We always are anyway, but we are truly in business mode. In addition to Besties and Babies, we each have another business we want to start popping off too! We cannot be caught up spending all our capital on Christmas gifts. No mam!

Besides, loved ones aren't concerned with what they get or the quantity of the gift. If they are true loved ones with a warm heart, they will show gratitude anyway. I talked about the importance of showing gratitude and the way to show it this holiday season. We all need to show our thanks and appreciation for everything we have in life, no matter how big or how small.

But, we understand that everyone wants to feel special. It's a friends and family love filled time of year! And in the spirit of love and budget consciousness, we have compiled a list of gifts for under $10 that you can give to those special people in your life.

Julia Says:

It is the simple things in life that count and who wants (or needs) to go broke for Christmas? It just doesn't make any sense. Some of the simplest gifts can make a person light up and feel special and loved.

Gifts to Give the Special People in Your Life for Under $10

1. Coffee Mug

I love a good mug. My brother actually banned me from bringing more into the house one time because I always pick them up. I absolutely love receiving them as gifts because I enjoy a good hot beverage; coffee, hot cocoa, hot apple cider, name it! Even cuter if you find one with a funny or inspirational saying or get a picture printed on one to add that personal touch.

2. Hot Cocoa Kit

Like I said I love a good hot beverage. You can buy kits that are premade or make your own! All you'll need is cocoa powder, marshmallows, peppermint sticks, cinnamon, chocolate chips...let your imagination run wild with whatever toppings you want to provide for that special someone. Best part is, you can make yourself a cup or three after you put the gift together. And every time that special someone takes a sip they will warmly think of you. Aw, how sweet!

3. Cute Scarf

Who doesn't like a good accessory? I know I do! A cute scarf is just what the doctor ordered on these cold winter days and nights. Be inspired and think about the person you are buying for. Do they like to make statement? Should they wear a bit more color? Are they a pattern wearer or like solids? What's their favorite color or a color they look fabulous in? Buy that. Remember, just because the gift is inexpensive, does not mean no thought has to go into it.

4. Mini Notebook

This is for that creative mind in your life. The person that writes beautiful poetry, or the one that is starting a business and needs to jot ideas down at a moments notice, or the one that likes to doodle. A mini notebook to carry around is very useful and would be a much appreciated gift. My mother, grandmother, and I love a good little notebook. They're great for an organized freak like myself who keeps different ones for different subjects.

5. Cute Flats

A good pair of slip on shoes or throw on sandals should be in everyone's closet. Flats are life. They go with a multitude of outfits and when you are in a hurry, they are the go to. You'll be surprised at the cute options out there for under $10


 Don't have a lot of money but want to buy someone you love a gift for Christmas? Don't worry, here are 10 inexpensive gifts that you can get for under $10 for the special people in your life, like your mother, father, wife, husband, children and friends. Spread Christmas joy this Christmas on a budget.

Delaya Says:

6. Candle

The nice thick, round and juicy candles that smell like angels crafted them themselves and can make a whole room smell as if you’re in an entirely different place instead of the actual mess you’re standing in. Okay that exact candle may cost more than ten bucks but a strong fragrant candle can go a long way. It’s a gift that lasts for a few weeks at least and every time it’s lit, the recipient will think of you. Put a little thought behind the scent you choose though. I know when I buy candles for my aunts (on a yearly basis), my criteria is will it match a room in their house and is it a scent they will actually enjoy.

7. Mini Treats

Is there a snack that you know someone eats a lot of? Or a beauty product that they use religiously? Maybe they have a preferred alcohol beverage of choice? Either way, show them that you’ve been paying some attention and gift them a mini version of their favorite item. Depending on the price(s) of the item(s), you can even be a little cuter. If they have a favorite juice and chips, bundle those together in a festive baggie and ribbon and voila!

One year, I tried to trick Love and instead of giving him his shoes, I tried to counter balance the weight with Gatorade and gummy bears, some of his favorites. Unfortunately, he wasn’t tricked but the Gatorade and gummy bears were gone before the night was over.

8. Good Pens

I don’t know about you, but I’m a dork. Whenever I go to an office supply store, I love to look around at the different supplies and novelty items. It makes me so happy on the inside. I like it even more when the stores have testing papers and sample supplies so you can test the quality of the products. Anyways, if you know any dorks like me who are bosses and write often, then a pack of good quality pens would be the business. Since pens are a practical item, they aren’t thought about much but everyone has their favorite type to write with. There’s the crisp fine ballpoint pen or the extra inky pen that glides easily across the page. Help your recipient feel professional and productive (self projection). You can even spice it up with an assorted colors pack or pair it with a mini notebook.

9. Thoughtful Holiday Card

Despite myself being one to throw away cards, if it happens to be a dope or unique card or one with a lot of heartfelt mush inside that tells me how great I am, I’d more than likely keep it. Now, you can go the traditional route and scour the shelves at Target or Hallmark, no shade, but I know there a lot more cooler ones being sold on Etsy that are very specific to their customers. There’s inclusion of races, different style types, and even geek chic listings. Take your time, support a boss and pick out the card that’s just right for that special person in your life…who doesn’t regularly toss cards.

10. A Novelty Item with Favorite Show Characters or Team Colors

I remember getting my four year old niece a Doc McStuffin’s Toysponder for Christmas and I was told her response was, “Oh my God, how did Auntie Dee Dee know I wanted this so bad?!” That year, I also got my older niece a pair of pop-art colored socks with various original Star Wars characters that she immediately wore the following week to school. If you haven’t gathered, character items are always a win with kids. If you know their favorite person, cartoon or team, you’re in there like swimwear! (**whisper** It’s probably the same with any male in your life too.)

And there you have it, 10 things under $10 that you can give the special person in your life. The holiday season isn’t all about the big and shiny stuff in all honesty. Sometimes, times are hard and you aren’t as financially stable as you’d like to be or you just have too many dang people to buy gifts for, a blessing and a curse. Either way, it’s all good.

If you get nothing else from this post, just remember that at the end of the day, a little extra thought goes a long way. It really is the thought in the gift that matters and this $10 low budget friendly Christmas gift idea list is proof of that.

So no judgement, have you ever given a loved one a gift for $10 or less? What was it? Give us a few more ideas in the comment section because you know the struggle is real sometimes.


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