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7 Types of Gifts to Give a Mompreneur

7 Types of Gifts to Give a Mompreneur

As women, sometimes we take on more than we can chew and don't bother to ask for help (because who can do it better than us?)

On the surface the boss babe in your life may come across as organized and always ready, but behind the scenes, she just may be frazzled.  She might actually need a better planner to keep her tasks prioritized or some outside help in order to plan a large event.  No matter the cause, all she needs is a helpful significant other, spouse, friend, or whoever you are to her, to invest in her.

Whether it be for the holidays, for a birthday or just because, it's often hard to know what to give the mompreneur in your life.  She may seem like has everything she needs but there's always something you can contribute to the cause.

If you don't know what gift to get this hard working mompreneur in your life, we're here to help.  Speaking from shear experience, we have a good idea of what mompreneurs will gravitate to for a gift.  We've come up six types of gifts that you can give her to support her and her business.

Are you absolutely clueless about what you should get the mompreneur in your life for Christmas, Mother's Day or just because?  Take a look at this list for the type of gifts you can buy her at any time of the year.

7 Types of Gifts to Give the Mompreneur in Your Life

1. Planning

This girl is doing #allthethings in life, from running a business, to managing a home and kids to all the other responsibilities on her plate.  With her basically running the world, keeping dates and to do's lists in order may be a bit overwhelming. It's very easy to get swept up in tasks.  So much so that you're no longer productive, but just busy.  Give your boss lady something that will help pull her life together and systematically help run her business.

2. Organization

Along with mental clutter comes physical clutter.  When you operate a business, you have contracts and receipts that need to be managed. And when you're a mom, you have field trip slips, grocery lists, coupons and bills that need to be put somewhere too, and this is only the paper stuff.  The mompreneur in your life needs containers, separators and shelves in her life.

3. Relaxation

This is super important for your lady's mind and health.  When you're running a business, sometimes you feel like you can't stop.  That if you were to take a break, your business will crumble.  Because of this, we tend to keep the midnight oil burning and push through even when our bodies are telling us to stop.  This is a horrible habit of many of us but we need time and space to recharge our batteries and become refreshed.

4. Self Care

A great partner to relaxation, and another way for the mompreneur in your life to get their life together.  As a wife and mom, it's natural to put ourselves last; add a business to it and that's one more thing to worry about before we worry about ourselves.  Help her put herself first for once.  She deserves it and the bags under her eyes aren't cute.

5. Clothes

Cute clothes, business clothes, comfortable clothes, shoes and jewelry, we're all here for all of it.  If you know her style, go for it.

6. Tools

Help us, help you, but don't get us a vacuum.  We're trying to grow our business and our minds in order to be profitable and help take care of our family.  There are courses, books and resources that we can use to better ourselves for our business, for ourselves and maybe even you.  Whether it's big or just something to get her through day, it doesn't matter.  With the right tool, the job will get done.

7. Help

Something moms always want, whether it's specifically for the business or not. You can go the easier route and lift a finger yourself or bring in hired hands if you'd prefer. Whatever you choose, it will do wonders in getting things crossed off her to do lists.

At the end of the day, your mompreneur will accept anything you get her with gratitude and appreciation because she's just that great, but why not give her something she can actually benefit from? We hope this list of types of gifts to get the mompreneur in your life helps you out and helps your boss lady too!

Did you read this as a mompreneur?  If so, what types of gifts would you like someone to give you?

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