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5 Ways To Show Gratitude This Holiday Season

5 Ways To Show Gratitude This Holiday Season

It's the holiday season which means hot drinks, good food, family gatherings, holiday parties, and gift giving & receiving. 

What I love about the holidays is the sense of family and love. I look forward to the family getting together. We get loud with fun and chatter, and eat good food.

Delaya and I recently talked about what we wanted our girls to learn about the holidays. And although I want Jayla to get the sense of family, I really want her to get the importance of gratitude.

I think a lot of us forget that there are people less fortunate. That people need love and care especially around the holidays. This is not a time to only receive, but a time to give to others and show gratitude.

Here are 5 ways to show gratitude this holiday season


1. Invite someone over

I have friends who moved here from out of state and that means they have no family out here to celebrate with. Since the season is about gathering with loved ones, I always make it a point to invite someone over. Inviting someone and/or their family over for a fun day (or night) of laughs and joy can be all the difference this holiday season for them. It is a fun way to show your gratitude for what you have by sharing it with others. 

2. Buy an unsuspecting person a gift

Ever had someone you were not expecting a gift from, give you something? Think about how awesome you felt. Now take that joy, and give it to someone else. There are plenty of people around! How about your child's teacher, a church member, a classmate, your elderly parent's caregiver, the lady who runs the daycare (or the one your child use to attend), how about your Mr. Scrooge boss, a client, or even your neighbor. If this person has brought something joyful into your life, show gratitude by giving something back. Even better if the person is a bit up tight, stretch yourself and do something nice for them anyway. I am telling you, not only will you make their day, but you'll make your own too. The best part about technology is, you don't have to live by the person to give them a gift. It's amazing what Amazon and other mailing companies can do.

3. Donate your time

This one you can do anytime, but people seem to really like to do this around the holidays. Nothing wrong with that, just do it. There are so many ways to give your time to show some gratitude for all the things you have in your life and to make certain things easier in someone else's. You can read books to sick children, takeover story-time for the local librarian, clean an elder person's home, visit a convalescent home, volunteer at a food bank, or run a clothes drive for women in domestic violence shelters. There are so many options available making this selection one of the easiest to do.

4. Write someone a letter of thanks

I hear from Professors at Woodbury all the time about how students come back and tell them how much they helped them during their time as a student. And guess what? The Professors face just lights up with joy even speaking about it. Do you have someone that made a difference in your life? Ever let them know and really thanked them for it? Here's an excellent opportunity. Sit down and write a letter to that special person. Once you write one, you may not want to stop writing them! Trust me whoever gets your letter will be thrilled.

5. Be thankful for the things you take for granted

Ever stop and watch the sun set? Ever stared in awe at your thumbs? Take time to think about everything beautiful in the world and in your life and reflect on your gratitude. If you actively do this, you should be able to come up with pages of things to show gratitude for. Hopefully you will take this attitude and transform your day-to-day.

During this time of year, we all need to be grateful for what we have. There are so many people on the planet who do not have family, won't eat a meal, won't be opening presents, may be lonely, and will have trouble being warm. Even some of us with all we have catch ourselves being miserable and focusing on the negative.

Make this holiday season more about giving and showing gratitude than just receiving for yourself. Be grateful for each and every day and for each and every moment.

What are some of your favorite ways to show gratitude? Let us know in the comments. 

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