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8 Fall Favorites and Indulgences

8 Fall Favorites and Indulgences

Yay! Fall is here! And I don't know about you, but I love the colder weather. In fact, the colder the better. I can always warm myself up, but cooling myself down always seems like an impossible nightmare. The start of Fall means we get to beat the heat, bust out our warmer wardrobe, and sip on some nice hot beverages. 

Most people are checking for pumpkin everything around this time, but NOT US! Here are 8 Fall time indulgences we partake in this time of year.

8 Fall Favorites and Indulgences


1. Hot Apple Cider

I love this stuff! It tastes absolutely delicious and is just what I need to get all warm and cozy. Add a good movie and it's the perfect setting. Unfortunately, this entrepreneur mom gets no rest time at the moment, so a nice hot mug full next to my laptop will have to do this year.

2. Scarves

Scarves are one of my favorite accent pieces to an outfit. I have a ton of them in many different fabrics and styles. So while I live in sunny California, I have a scarf for any type of day Fall throws at me. 

Fall time is here in Southern California and while everyone is looking for pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice lattes, Julia and Delaya are living their everyday mom and entrepreneur life with their fall favorites.

3. A Thick Blanket

I don't know about your state, but mine does not allow me to have a fluffy comfy-cozy comforter year round. So when Fall rolls around, I get all giddy to pull out my comforter and prepare for the best sleep of my life. Something about a big fluffy blanket just gives me the best sleep. It's like I'm being lightly hugged by a fluffy marshmallow and that marshmallow helps distribute the warmth evenly around my body.

4. Jayla's Birthday/Thanksgiving

My baby is a Fall babyand though I put a lot of stressful effort into prepping a fun day for her in celebration, I love it! She is also right next to Thanksgiving (day before, on, it varies). Which makes it a double wammy of goodness because Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Fall really starts to bring the family together and with these two events, family love is all in the air.


5. Hot Tea

I drink tea throughout the year, no matter if it's hot or cold.  Tea has become a common relaxer in my life so I always keep it on deck.  When the grey skies start showing up, I low key get excited and start to envision a rainy day where I'm at home alone, feet up and slowly sipping on a mildly smokey hot cup of tea.  It's an escape for me.  I wholeheartedly care about nothing else.  

This will be Ava's first active Fall season, so I'm hoping she doesn't shatter my happiness.  Fingers crossed.

6. Novelty Socks

I guess you can call me a geek for this one but nothing makes my heart smile more, well besides times when I like my child, than a pair of quirky or cozy socks.  I'm talking patterns, different cuts or my favorite, thick cozy socks.  It's so fun to look down at your toes and see something more than the basic white ankle socks.  I do have trouble styling them with everyday outfits, so until then, they'll be a treat I enjoy at home.

Fall time is here in Southern California and while everyone is looking for pumpkin bread and pumpkin spice lattes, Julia and Delaya are living their everyday mom and entrepreneur life with their fall favorites.

7. Hoodies

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a creature for comfort and a good hoodie is like a good hug all day.  Corny much? And I don't even like hugs on that level.  #kanyeshrug.

Anyways, when I'm feeling a little down or even a little anxious, I plop on a hoodie.  I pull the hood over my head and the cuffs over my hands as if it's some protective armor blocking all of the negative feels.

8. Cuddling

My man is not affectionate.  Not in the sense of PDA, spooning and wanting to fawn all over each other.  So through the warmer seasons, I give him his space and I let him live his life.  As soon as the temperature drops to a steady 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit, my feet are tucked under is big ol' warm body and I'm laying on his fluffy chest. He puts an arm around as we watch a movie and I get my entire life for that moment.

Again, I hope Ava doesn't shatter my happiness this season by not letting me relax.

So there you have it besties, the 8 things that Julia and I love to indulge ourselves in as soon as the season turns from the dreaded Southern Cali heat to the little bit more bearable Cali Fall.

We have grown up, gotten in relationships and had kids of our own, and despite all of that, we have kept our fall favorites.  For our sanity and our families.

As you begin to prepare for cuffing season, whether your taken or not, what are some of your fall indulgences that you look forward to every season?  Is it fall clothing, the leaves changing color or are you a pumpkin-hunter yourself?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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