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The Perfect Wife

The Perfect Wife

Have you ever wanted your spouse to do more? Ever felt like they just aren't in tune with your needs? Smh. Been there. But what about them? I'm sure they feel the same way. If we want our spouse to do more and to be more in touch with our needs, we have to be willing to do the same and make the effort as well. That's where the BABs come in! We took the challenge and asked our men what the perfect wife is to them. Then we took their notes and set out to be the perfect wife for 30 days. Do you know what your husband's perfect wife is? We didn't, but here's what we found out.


Julia says: 

I was reluctant to ask my husband about his perfect wife, but at the same time found myself anxiously waiting to be amused. I mean Hubby is comical and I knew his answers wouldn't fall short of entertainment.

 the perfect wife

My husband's list for the perfect wife goes like this:

Keeps the house clean

Handles her business on the job

Cooks at least 3 times a week

Encourages me to live a healthy lifestyle (eat right, work out)

Keeps her hair and nails done and dresses to the nines (my husband talks like an old southern gentleman)

Greets me when I get home from work and rubs my back

Kisses my head and rides me til the wheels fall off

Most importantly, we can go out and have fun or have great conversation at home

Delusions of grander much?

I'm no perfect wife, but I know I have domestic duties pretty much down. Hello, I am an organized freak! I'm always picking up around the house, making sure Hubby has lunch for work, and I cook. I was scared of the major sex stipulations I knew he would have, and boy was I right. 

Delaya Says:

Prepping for the challenge had me a bit shook.  I assumed I knew the exact traits of Love's perfect wife and I knew it would be a lot of work.  Before I asked him, I thought his only requests would be to have sex everyday, 3 hot meals everyday and to have a girl with straight hair and outfit and shoes on point.

With everything I have my hands in right now, I wasn't too sure how daily sex and preparing 3 different meals daily would work out.  I couldn't fathom any of it being remotely possible but I was determined to try.  As for the straight hair, managing that with sex would have been obnoxious and my closet sucks too much to be on point all the time so that would have been a fail from jump.


Anyway, I was scared and excited about the challenge at the same time.  When I asked Love who his perfect wife was, he replied:

Confident: If she doesn't believe she is beautiful and sexy, no one else will.  Self confidence and swagger is attractive.

Good Communicator/Smart: Must be able to hold a conversation and keep my attention.  If there are issues in our relationship, she must know how to relay the message to me without out yelling or arguing.

Outgoing: My family is very out going, loud and annoying at times and so are most of my friends.  I need someone willing to go out of their comfort zone and be willing to join in and not just sit in the corner, quiet and watching as everyone else is having an amazing time.

High Sex Drive: I want it all the time.  There are girls who want to give it to me all the time so give it to me when I ask and when I don't ask.

Loyal/Trustworthy/Faithful: This is huge.  If I tell you something that's between us and our relationship, it's not to be repeated between you and your friends.  If I'm down, I have to know you will stay by my side until I'm up again.  I have to be able to trust and depend on you.

Cooks/Cleans: I feel this is a must in any girl to be perfect.  No one wants a messy girl with s*** everywhere.  And guys don't like to eat out everyday because you run out of stuff to eat, so having a girl cook every once in a while is nice.

Supports/Likes my Likes: Supports my habits of shoes and buys me shoes and cleans them all once a month.  And has a love of music, football and viking football.

When I finished reading his list, I honestly questioned why he was with me (in my head, not to him).  I was basically nothing on this list.  I felt like I failed so hard and I wasn't meeting any of his needs.

The confidence and outgoing part threw me for a bit.  I didn't think that characteristics were that important for him to include it on his list, let alone make it first.  For the most part, I'm not this type of girl; like Alecia's Cara's song explains me to a T (Love actually put me onto that song and pointed it out that that was me).  Anyway, I deal with a few insecurities and have minor social anxiety.  I'm able to function but I'm definitely not the life of the party.

For a while, my domestic and sexual responsibilities have been repetitively pushed to the back burner as I try and get my side businesses off the ground.  And both only got worse after we had Ava.  Embarrassingly worse at times.  I have so much on my plate, paired with Love's "step back" personality made it really easy to forget about him.

I'm loyal to a fault, so that's no real issue.  I ain't going anywhere.  As for the supporting his hobby of shoes and liking viking football, I do.  Could I do both more, yes, but eh.

Going into this challenge, I'm focusing on my bedroom and domestic game.  The one's that mean the most to him.

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When was the last time you asked your man who his perfect wife is?  I'll wait...  Are you confident that you're doing as well of a job as you think? 

We challenge you to ask him tonight what traits his perfect wife has and see what he says.

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