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10 Things BAB's Can't Live Without

10 Things BAB's Can't Live Without

As parents, our days can differ in levels of intensity.  We can be running around the city making our way through the grocery store in time to pick up child A to make it to child B's school event; we can be at work managing a manic boss; or we can be having a night out on the town with a group of friends.  Regardless of what we're doing that day, chances are high that you're carrying at least one item you can't live without.  Whether it be for comfort, for sanity or for luck, everyone has their list of things they just can't live without.

In the spirit of us besties getting to know each other, Julia and I have decided to share our own list of 10 things we can't live without.


Delaya Says:

1. Chap stick

My number one necessity by far is chap stick.  I cannot function properly without it. It’s so bad that I keep 3 chap sticks on rotation; 1 in my purse, 1 in my medicine cabinet and 1 on my desk at work.  I play no games.  I have large lips and when they crack, it’s horrible and uncomfortable.

Right now, my go to is Burt’s Bee’s beeswax lip balm.  I love how my lips stay hydrated for at least six hours when I use it and I love the tingly feeling it leaves after application. 

2. Ponytail holder & Bobby Pins

Ya’ll know this natural hair thing requires work.  I know that and I accept it but sometimes… a lot of times, I just don’t feel like doing it.  When this happens, I do my best to throw up a puff or tuck and pin until the mane is controlled.  These are an essential to anyone rocking natural curls.

3. Comfortable Socks

I am a secret sock lover.  I love the different patterns and prints and textures they come in.  They’re like fun on your feet.

When it gets chilly outside, I hate walking around with cold feet.  Cold feet makes the rest of my body cold and that’s not a good look.  So because of that, I always wear a pair of thick socks or footsies around the apartment; the brighter the color, the better.

4. Tea

Drinking tea happens to be one of my top relaxants.  Hot tea or iced tea, it doesn’t really matter to me.  Bonus if I can sip while doing something artistic.

I don’t get fancy with it though.  I’m fine with regular black lipton tea bag or chamomile if I’m trying to get that superior sleep.  Rarely, do I drink chamomile tea these days.  Sigh.

5. Hoodie

Beyond how chill hoodies are, they can also be therapeutic.  I get mild cases of anxiety that cause me to feel exposed and antsy.  Depending on how strong my anxiety levels are, all productivity can halt.  In college, I found a way to combat this while working late nights in cold classrooms.

To help my mild cases of anxiety, I throw on a hoodie, put the hood on and stretch the sleeves to cover my hands.  When I put the hoodie on, it’s an armor against my anxiety.  The hoodie soothes, the hood blocks out distraction and playing with the sleeves is minimal and combats the antsy feeling.

If you couldn't tell by list, I basically can't live without comfort.  I lead a very simple life and the little I require mean everything to me.  Except the bobby pins... those get lost on the regular and are continuously replaced.

Julia Says:

1. Jayla’s Laughter

Now that I got it, I can’t give it up. A baby giggle is the best giggle, but it’s even more special when it comes from someone you pushed out. Jayla is the goofiest kid I know and when she laughs I can’t help but laugh and feel the same joy. Half the time it’s for no reason in particular. That is the best!

2. Food

And this is not just because I would literally die if I didn’t have it. But because I literally get happy when I know I am about to eat. I love to cook (when it isn’t forced upon me) and watching Food Network (especially competition segments) is an addiction. I get excited when I plan out a meal and I go shopping for the ingredients. Seriously Besties, if I didn’t have my hands on so many projects, I’d start a food blog myself. And this definitely includes dessert! Hello! Trained Pastry chef here people!

3. My Husband’s Foot Rubs

Do you know this man actually used to bug me to allow him to rub my feet when we were dating? I worked jobs where I was on my feet for long periods of time when we were dating, but I always thought it weird that he was willing to do that (especially because I HATE FEET.  I like mine, but hate others). Anyway, the minute I gave in and let him do it, shoot, I have never looked back.

4. A bed

One of my loves of life is sleep. I never take naps or bedtime for granted. Seriously, only newborn that slept through the night. My birthday is only my birthday because I was forced out due to sleeping. Oh yea, IT'S REAL!

5. Chocolate

Let's face it. That ish is delicious!

There are some pretty precious things in this world. Things that just make your body fill up with joy. Things that make your heart sing and dance a jig. Things that you just can’t live without, and even if you just think about them, you are happy.

We want you to know that it's okay to have these things.  For your sanity, please have an active list of things you can't live without.  As hard working and nurturing parents, we deserve to have them.

What are some of the things that you can't possibly go a day without?

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