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My Toddler Essentials

My Toddler Essentials

Ever try to take a simple trip to the grocery store? Or simply stay in and have a chill day? Yea, emphasis on the word simple. That's because that's how it should be, but when you have these little humans a.k.a toddlers with you every second of every day, simple turns into intricate, crazy, chaotic, and unnecessarily hard. Especially if you do not have your toddler essentials handy.

The minute you want to go out, a diaper bag must be packed. And the essentials must always be with you even for a chill day at home. Forgetting one essential can turn a quiet headache free trip into a chaotic drama filled event. Running out of any toddler essentials can turn a chill day at home into WWIII. Why? Because their favorite snack is non-existent and all you, mommy, want to do is watch tv. But now they're not having a good day because of one small infraction, so now you can't either. Guaranteed.

I've thought about the items I always need to have when Jayla and I venture away from the house or just intend to stay in. These toddler essentials may help you toddler moms never get caught slipping as well or you may just understand me a little more and get a good laugh. Either way, here is a list of my toddler essentials for Jayla.

1. Pacifier

They are the Devil, but at the same time a blessing. They make all of her problems go away. Which, I'm not sure what those problems are, but it has to be more than me taking away her jumbo crayons because she is sticking them up her nose, writing on the couch, and coloring people's mail. I mean for that size tantrum, its gota be more right?! (RIGHT?!?!!!!)

2. DVR full of toddler TV

Jayla's favorites are not on all the time and I'm not buying a bunch of DVDs just so she can somehow climb on the counter and stick them in the garbage disposal and crush them into little pieces (yes, my child is a wizard). Nor do I have time to constantly search for her shows. So, hubby and I got smart. We have recorded all of Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, and Super Why. BOOM. Now sit down and be quiet while Daddy and I start businesses.

This isn't a DVR but I probably put my foot down for the TV so she watched on an old phone

3. Yogurt Melts

Funny story, I use to have to force Jayla to even try these when she was transitioning to solids. Now she cannot live without them. Imagine a teenager with their feet kicked up on the couch eating chips. That's Jayla with these. Straight from the bag going to town.

4. Wipes

I don't know what it is, but dirt attracts to Jayla like a magnet to metal. It's on her hands, her crusty mouth, and face ALL THE TIME! So I keep wipes handy. I also keep them handy for others because of something she does. For example, just the other day she sneezed in this little boy's face causing his mom to ask me for a wipe.

5. Bib

My little family loves to eat. And I pick cute outfits over practical. I know, I know. Kids are dirty and make messes and don't care about that cute matching set they're wearing or that they are wearing white. Well, I do, and it will forever be that way. Since I believe in these cute outfits, I must have a bib handy. I have to do extra things to guard those clothes because I know I will get no help from Jayla. Zip. Zero. Nada. If I ever forget a bib, my eyes look like I've just seen a ghost. But I don't trip too much because I usually have a cute second outfit just in case the mess gets too bad.

I know it's crazy! Toys didn't make the list but my child barely plays with toys. She can take them or leave them really. Recently she cried because I was forcing her to play with her toys. That's right. She complained because I was making her have fun. Telling her to live the life she is so blessed with. My child's life is so much better than mine, because adulting is hard.

The day the Lord delivers me from a diaper bag will be a glorious day. Until then, I will remember to always pack or keep my toddler essentials around to make most days, happy days.

What toddler essentials are a must have for you and your little one?

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